Hello everyone and welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts.  There is no lack of beautiful, artistic and just plain fun pages in the galleries today, and I’d like to share six of the pages I found that stood out.  Ready or not, here we go.

Cher at Lake Paulina by dwsewbiz

I like that most of the background is actually one of the photos, and the cardboard paper blends in beautifully.  The bits of stitches and messy strings on the photo frames looks great, and I like all of the texture.  Cher looks like she’s enjoying the day.  Is that a hat she’s wearing?  Too cute.

Perfect Conditions by cinna

The wordstrips tell a story on their own, and how true that sentiment is.    Beautiful layering here, and I like how she included a few different text styles.  Very pretty choice of colors and elements,  and I really like the addition of the textured white space on the right.  Great the selfie too.

Enjoy Life by SanVHM

This page is bright and happy and it makes me smile.  The yellow and turquoise colors look fantastic together as a background, and the white space above is perfect.   What a nice photo, and I like the double polaroid framing.  The addition of some colorful patterns layered behind and near the photo adds interest too.

I want to tell The World About you by dotcomkari

This is a project and a half, and for me it was well worth every minute spent on it.  It’s one of those ARTjournal projects that just knocks your socks off.  I’m crazy about all of the black doodles, journaling, scratches and word bits.  Then throw in  all of these little colored elements spaced nicely throughout the page and all of a sudden you have a masterpiece.  I’m still studying it.

Love This So Much by Kayleigh

Kayleigh captured soft, sweet, playful and spunky all in one gorgeous page.  I love the soft colors and ever so slightly vintage elements with these photos of her adorable but very modern little girl. As always, the layers are perfectly placed and dotted with a loving title and wordart.  For me, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

September Garden by Jacqueline

I love everything about this page.  It is so visually appealing.  The grungy multicolored background looks great, and the clusters surrounding her sweet photo are simply fantastic!  This page is a definite two thumbs up for me.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Gallery Standouts, and I hope they have inspired you to take some time to do a little creating and memorykeeping of your own.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more inspiration.  Enjoy your weekend!

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