Hey all you wonderful gallery lovers out there!  DivaMom96 here with my Day-After-Labor-Day standouts from around the web.  It’s back to work day for all Americans, having enjoyed a lovely long weekend.  And my goodness – it was a creative weekend, too!  There is so much beauty and creativity in the galleries today that I ended up with loads of layouts on my short list.  I finally had to select a theme for the blog post so that I could narrow them down.  So, today’s standouts are those layouts that made me smile.

First up, Empty Nesters by suzanner.  This was my very first favorited layout – as a mother whose baby left for college three weeks ago, I could totally relate to this.  But the father in the back with his funny smile captured my heart and made me laugh.  I’m still smiling as I write about it.  I love the grid paper used as the background, and all the dots, splatters and doodads used throughout the page.  Love that title font, too.  This one went right into my favorites and I expect I will be lifting it sometime soon.

From the other side of the school timeline, we have Officially Day 1 by msbrad.  I love the photos she used here, and her color choices for this darling layout are so bright and happy.  The placement of her photos and clusters is wonderful – I don’t often find multi photo layouts that I like because they often appear too cluttered.  This one is beautifully balanced, though, and really works for me.  But, the main reason I chose it for today is due to the shadowing on her elements and photos.  FABULOUS and realistic!  I prefer smaller shadows because they look more real.  Great paper layering here, too.  Brava!

Pinkie Pie! by Beckie is absolutely adorable!!!  Cats and B&W photos both make me smile, so this one was a no brainer.  I love the placement of her photos, and the gorgeous colors.  And what adorable elements – kitties, and fish bones, yarn, paw prints and even nibble splatters.  Nice touch with the polaroid frames, too.  Organized chaos at its finest!

Next up, we have Bloom by traumelfe.  Such a joyous white space page.  I love the title, and the little elements scattered around the page, especially the sequins which appear to be coming from the little girl’s hand.  The stitching along the bottom and side of the two photos adds a very loving touch to this truly happy layout.

And then, there is happiness is … by biancka.  This one made me laugh out loud.  As someone who is technologically savvy, but cannot figure out how to get snapchat to work, I just loved this layout.  The circles, the photos, the hearts scattered around the page, the photos, the adorable papers used as circle frames … did I mention the photos?  So stickin’ cute!  Did you catch the mesh of old (background paper) with new (subject matter and colors)?  A real standout!

My last smile of the day is Dotty for Circles by OKate.  I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dots!  The colors are fabulous, but it’s the shading of the cut-out circles, adorable flairs within, and selective “pop-dots” that really make this a standout to me.  The photo as the title is brilliant, and it definitely made me smile!

Hope your day is as happy as mine is now.  Take your own walk through the galleries.  I would to know which layouts stand out for you!  Leave me a message, and some lovin’ for these great artists!  Til next time!


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  1. Oooooh, thank you so much for featuring my snapchat latout on the GSO blog 🙂 !!! I just woke up and my day couldn’t have had a better start ♥

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