Hiya!! Tracy here 🙂
Firstly, Happy Valentines day to those who celebrate!
We don’t celebrate it here in New Zealand really, but I’ll happily eat any chocolates given to me! hehe.


First up,  is Let Love Guide, by Cristina 

I love the pop of colour on an otherwise neutral page. And that hand-painted strip of awesome down the side is fab!


On wow loving this one too, Memories by Arte Banale

I love the way the circle draws your eye in, and that subtle newsprint with the floral goodies, is perfect.

Now this is so different! A by Sheana 

Id love to try this as a title page, love the monochrome look shes done, and all the wee things under the stitching. Very clever use of colour.



And since it’s V day, maybe one themed one? lol Ah-maze-ing by  Shunnstergirl

So cute, love the side clusters and the fab title and brushwork.


Check out Tulip by sucali

I really love the strips, and shadowing on this page. I really want to get my shadows to look this good!


Last for me today, is Happy by Barbara Houston

The name says it all really! So much action for a still photo. Love the colours, that title is gorgeous, the random paints. Love it all 🙂


Well, that’s my picks for the day! I hope you enjoyed and had fun oggling the pretties, enjoy your day! Leave the artists a bit of love if you liked as much as I did 🙂



5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – 14th February

  1. Thank you so much Tracy for chosing my layout, I feel honored!
    Beautiful layouts, congrats to all!

    ~Susanne~ (sucali]

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