Hello!!! Hope you are doing well, I’m here in the very early hours of the morning of the 29th, 01:08 am, feeling the summer leaving us as we no longer can sleep with the windows open, or even get out of bed without a robe or cardigan…. still unable to eat much – trying to stop the way to kidney failure- and also still unable to scrap, which makes coming to share inspiration with you here not the easiest task…but amazed with the huge talent and with a heart full of beauty, here are some of the most wonderful pages I found today!

I usually leave the hybrid for last, but this jumped at me and caught my heart! Pocket letter “Garden” for Sokee by Rikki, not just an explosion of colors, creativity and fabulous talent, but part of an exchange by old fashion post/snail mail, from and to 2 of my favorite people in the whole digi-land. I love Rikki’s awesome style in digital, her taste, talent & versatility extending into hybrid and showing so brilliantly in these cards,love each of them individually and all together (awesomely displayed by the way!)just fill my heart with joy!

Next page is by garrynkim : Little One August Photography Challenge 2018. This is just the sweetest, more amazing baby page!!! Starting by the photo which is fabulous – oh how much I miss the baby times! when my “little one” wouldn’t roll her eyes at me or not taken them of her phone LOL- love the way in which the photo is blended and inner framed, the textures achieved, awesome shadows, and the elegance of the composition and superb choice of delicate embellishment…all absolute delight!

Another awesome show of talent in this page, First Tat by Lor. I’m always super happy when I come across Laurie’s pages, I still remember how amazed I was by her pages already when I just landed in digiscrap land…. she was fabulous then and kept growing in every possible way in the almost 10 years since, excelling in every style, always super creative and wonderful memory keeper…we also have daughters about the same age so I love being inspired by her pages. In here, the photo angle, the warmth and light combined to make an almost intimate feeling (which I feel has to be for a tattoo page!) together with the photo editing, blended and awesomely decorated in the background, the bits of printed text that balance with the journaling, the layering with the smaller photo is gorgeous, the perfect touch with the sequins that make the whole page shine, I could go on and on, this is pure awesome!

Next page is My Wish for You by jenn33199, another one of my admired ladies, another incredibly talented memory keeper, artist, her pages always jewels, and this is the kind of page I can stare at for hours, full of amazing clustering, layering and perfection in combination of textures… the photo treatment is great and so in sync with the vintage feeling of the whole page, love those elements and the tiny, very special details like the staple holding the key. The journaling with the accents giving even more of a hand made feel, the whole page is full of awesome little bits to discover and so very beautiful all together!!!

This next page is from Anna : Hurricanes and Silver Linings (amazing tittle!!!) comes with the added kindness and compassion, community love and all those feelings of events which make me keep faith and hope apart from the visual gorgeousness. This (the visual) was what called my attention in the first place, a modern feel composition with overlapping photos , lots of light and that elegance one can spot even looking at a gallery page full of thumbnails….and it was even more so on a close up: the gorgeous way in which the journaling is presented , those amazingly shadowed brackets, all kept in very few colors and shining smiles, those hand drawn lines and the beautiful title for it’s content and the combo of alpha/ fonts.  I was already in love with the page, and then the knowledge that this is her husband and son helping people whose houses were flooded during Hurricane Harvey, it truly takes the page to a whole new dimension making it an example of what inspires me and the reason why I fell in love with scrapping.

If you know me, you know I love big titles, be that alphas, fonts, combination of them or any of the many possibilities we have….and in this page, Space Cadets by Keely~B, I love it even more because (as usual with her!) the rest of the page rocks my heart too!!! LOVE the big photo, the editing and the way it reflects light with the background, the layering of those frames (or are they cards?) the subtle way in which the elements are introduced … everything here is in perfect harmony and beauty!!!

Last but not least, I’m going to give you another LO, which i didn’t see until I had all picked and ready to go, but I couldn’t think about giving up any of the pages I had already selected but also this is so great, I couldn’t just close the tab! The Hand by timounette is beauty in that gorgeous less is more feeling, paired with a superb quote from Oscar Wilde. My French isn’t all that good these days, and couldn’t find the quote in English, but it could more or less be translated into ” who has not experienced sensations in contact with a hand? The hand, this is the index of the temperament” The page gives the whole feeling, the strength pf the photo, the textures in the background, that incredibly elegant title to complete the whole awesomeness!!!

This is all from me for today! I will be back soon to share more inspiration with you all. Please remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the LO and artist, leave a word or two of praise for these awesomely gifted people! 🙂 Have a great day & TFL!




5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 28th-

  1. Eeeeps! So darn excited to see a layout of mine spotted with all these other beautiful creations! Thank you so much choosing mine; It is truly an honor! And Cynthia, you so have a way words and you know I feel the same about you, your scrapping and your daughter! I so feel like we are sister living miles apart! Luv you gurl! 🙂

  2. I keep saying, I should write and catch up!!!! I do know- the sisterhood is alive even if we don;t talk for ages, with all my heart!!!!
    and your pages…everyone is a GSO!!!!

  3. What?! Awww! Thanks so much for the shout out. So fun to see one of my scraps amongst these beauties. You made my day Cynthia <3

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