Hello and happy Wednesday! There was lots of fun to be seen today around all of the galleries! We have shapes and clever use of text and joy and wonderful quotes today. Come take a look, I know you’ll agree these were all stand-outs.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Be Fearless by g8rbeckie

She had me at the title, naturally! I love any page that uses that hexagon shape well! Very fun patterned paper and cute little cactus elements, among other whimsical embellishments. Love the page border to ground it. And, that smile! Such great word art for this one, it totally worked.

Reckless Love by craftytam

I love this one so much. Using text this way, over the top of an entire photo, is a wonderful technique, but actually not so easy. You have to have the right photo, and the right font, and the right tone in the text. And you have to make it fit around the main focus of the photo. I wanted to hear what she heard in these lyrics, so I watched and listened to the song on YouTube, and got a little surprise when I realized that she had modified the lyrics to make the song about her loved ones. This one is very special. Well done, truly. The elements bordering the page add the perfect beach feel, in a very elegant way.

Cobblestone Paths by AnitaH

This page really got my attention. To me, it looks like one of those amazing old-fashioned prints that you find in rare edition books. I would love to see the original photo (assuming this originated with a photo), to see the evolution of the page. I like the way the framing makes the image pop. The word art was just right. This one made me smile.

Gratitude quote (traveler’s notebook) by SusanB

I first saw these traveler’s notebooks and planners about a year ago, and was intrigued then, as I am now, about all the ways people use them. With all of these types of journals it so marvelous to see the artistic license it gives people to create their personal canvases, all in the confines of a small book they can carry around. This particular quote is one that I love, and it worked nicely to cut into the quote strips for the right-hand side of this spread. I love the beautiful hand-cut florals this artist popped out and adhered onto the facing page. This made a beautiful statement, I really enjoyed it.

us by Ferdy

That popped up cut file made all the difference on this page! This just shines love. I really appreciate that the picture shows the logo from the jazz festival, it lets us know so much about the moment. Great use of elements, love the border work with the tag along the bottom. The sprinkles are a nice touch against that kraft background. This is a fun selfie moment, and I know they will be glad to have captured this event later.

glorious Fall by tammielsmith

The clever angle on the long triangular papers on the left side really drew me in to this page. I love the tag photo, so striking. This page uses nice brush work to extend the photo, and has great shadows. The title work with the mixed word art and alpha look great together. Love that little sprinkling of sequins, like seeds from the flowers. Beautiful design.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please take a moment and click through the linked title to leave the artists some well-deserved praise. Have a great rest of the week!

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