Today is bringing some gray to our Oregon Coast, although the greenery is bright and fresh with drizzle, and the air is spicy with fall aromas. My favorite time of the year! I’m procrastinating on another project, and so I’m very happy to be cruising the gallery to look for layouts that tickle my fancy. =)

First up in Alanna’s Possibilities, a lovely, painterly, photo-less layout. I really appreciate how the page “reads” from left to right, with the end of the visual trail escaping into the unbounded realm of possibility. A great way to underscore her point!

Daisy Do by RJMJ really caught my eye! The way she plays with opacity and the structure of the template really creates a sense of opening, of outward expansion–and the colors are just lovely.

Here’s another really fun page, On Our Way, by Corinn. Isn’t that road so cute? By showing the inside of the car in the first cluster, she really “brings us along” on the trip, and I love how her journaling spans both sides of the curves, too. Great concept and execution!

I loved this simple page by Heidi Nicole, Abe & Us. She linked past and present with a quote about mothers, and I just love that she’s treasuring the moment. For me, that’s what scrapbooking is about in large part!

Then I found Lilavati, by Beauté–what a stunner! It’s not often you find pure art in the galleries–no words, no photos, but still full of meaning. I just love the light and airiness surrounding this kind of surreal montage…

Finally, I was really drawn to AnikA68’s Dream Big, too. Lovely colors on the city fading into the night; the brushwork reminds me of city lights shining into the sky. And again, the sky full of dreams and possibilities! We’ve come round to the beginning of this post…

Hope you have a lovely end of the week! ♥

7 thoughts on “Finger-pointing – August 30

  1. I am VERY disappointed to see nudity on this site. I have already left the digital store that has been my home for years because they continue to feature kits and (worse) layouts that include nudity even though I have contacted the owner several times and requested they not do that.

    I realize that most of the world considers classic art as an acceptable venue for nudes, but I don’t. I think it was simply the pornography of the time–using the means available. If PHOTOS of women’s breasts or male genitals were included in a layout, they would be removed immediately. I don’t see any difference between the scenarios.

    You are probably rolling your eyes about now and saying things like “sheesh.” But I know I am not alone, and that most people just won’t speak up. Most people who are offended will just roll on past the offensive layout.

    Thank you for considering my request that these type of layouts no longer appear in GSO.

    Sharron Lamb

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