Hi everyone! I’m Miki and this is my first post for Gallery Standouts and I’m excited to be part of this group! After spending so much time (most of the morning) browsing the galleries, all I can say is … Wow! So much inspiration and talent! Here are my picks for today.

First Love by frani_54 caught my eye immediately. I’ve always been a fan of Fran’s work and this is no exception. Beautiful journaling about her first love, ballet, and the dedication and dream to become a ballerina. Love the star framing the tutu and slippers with the smaller stars scattered around. The art strokes flow like the movement of a dancer. And of course all of the pink love!

Love the clean design and all the white space on this page, Sleepy Ave, by Heidi Nicole. A quiet moment captured and documented. I also love the balance of the photo, tag and ribbon against the striped paper. Simply beautiful!

Next up is Excitement by grammy1971. Love how she is documenting a special upcoming event and the anticipation she’s feeling. A beautiful design and color palette. The stitched heart is perfect, encapsulating all the love!

When I saw this sweet face I cracked up laughing! Love all the color and energy found in Random by Rochelle 86. Fabulous brush work and blending, also! Lots of fun here that will keep me smiling the rest of the day!

I adore this page, My Little Love, by sylvia. The photo captures a beautiful smile that is so contagious. Again, the simple design with the pop of layered pink frames draws the eye right to the focus of the page, the gorgeous smile. The title is supported by the tiny little bug on the opposite side. Also love how the design is set against the striped paper. A happy page!

My last pick is You’re Stronger Than You Think by caapmum. What a great message! Love the sunset photos of the beach and the single figure embracing the sun. The banner and art stroke  moves the eye around the bold words of the title. I also love the balance created on the left side of the page with the tabs and flowers. Beautiful inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed the picks and inspiration for today!


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