Yay, I’ve made it here in time! I’ve spent so much time wandering through the galleries today, getting totally caught up in the ‘Wow – that’s amazing!’, the ‘How did she do that?!’, and the ‘Oh my – now that is just beautiful/creative/wonderful/pretty!’. It’s easily done isn’t it…? Even when I’m not prepping for a blog post, I still find myself getting lost in the various galleries and time passes me by and before I know it I’m running late or the food isn’t on or worst of all, it’s way past midnight! We are so lucky to have these fabulous forums to share our work and here are some pretties that I found today.

Repetition is one of my favourite design theories in my own pages and I love how the stitched grid format anchors down the patterned circles on Remember This by Isa Marks. The colour palette certainly serves this little guy page well and I like the masculine layers on which the cute photo rests. The little labels, tabs and arrows provide the perfect amount of additional detail which add further interest to this cleverly constructed page! Seriously love this!

Hunt for Happiness by Anny-Libelle gave me a little spring in my step with the glorious display of flowers. The tones of this page are a mix of strikingly bold and delicately soft – I love it! The textured layers beneath the image add some super depth and carefully chosen elements with a smattering of brush work finish this layout off perfectly! So pretty!

Hillareyd has made terrific use of pastel colours of her page entitled Smitten. Take a look at those chunky cut hearts – aren’t they wonderful?! And check the pretty heart brush work! A lovely paper stack is the perfect place for the black and white photo’s and I love the mix of elements in the title work. Overall, I love how this has lots of detail and that the journaling block supports all the lovely goodness on this layout! Just wonderful!

I always enjoy layouts were the detail is ‘split’, despite not always feeling comfortable with this design element in my own pages (I always have an incredible urge that things must be ‘linked’ in some way!). However, Let love find you by Anja DD showcases exactly how this type of page design works perfectly. Some pretty brush work adds to the romance of this page and I like how the layered papers with the pretty button and butterfly detail top right balance the beautiful cluster bottom left, and the dramatic effect that the darker tones have on the page. I love this!

Another shining example of this type of design is Le Plein D’amour by Armance. Again, another great colour palette with a cute black and white image works so well with the split detail. The single line of journaling on the left creates the starting point, a kind of ‘start here!’, for the eye to follow through the rest of the layout. A light and airy page, it has a beautiful softness and I love how the yellows and the little black labels pop against the back drop. Beautiful!

Lately I’ve not been very good at picking up my camera and it’s because of this reason, I’m struggling a little with my Project Life for the last 10 weeks or so of last year and the beginning of this year. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t fair very well in documenting a whole day of my life while I go about my daily business. You won’t be surprised then that I take my hat off to nhudao and her page, Document your day. I love the mix of images with the pocket card, anchored by stitching against a broad strip of pretty patterned paper but what really caught my eye was the hand written font time line that’s documented at differing levels with the date firmly planted in the centre. A smashing ‘day in the life’ page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s standouts and when you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a little appreciation for the artists. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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