Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of super gorgeous Standouts! I hope you are well pleased with my choices!

First up this evening is this super delightful Project Life layout by Lizziet5 titled PL2017 Week 41. I so adore a well put together PL page, and this one certainly does not disappoint! The framed blocking is a wonderful twist on the traditional design of this type of layout. The images are absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love how the pops of color throughout this beauty jumps off the tonal background! Beautiful! Just beautiful!

The composition in this next work of art titled I did it by Ga_L is what had originally caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery! I so love a well executed split design, and this lovely work has accomplished that so well! Love the delicacy in the color palette, and the layering is fabulous! Love the grungey feel of the brushes/stamps and the ink splats, too!

Next up is this super adorable layout by bbe titled CHOCOLATE – MEET SPENCER! The combination of colors that the layout artist has used here is amazing! The greens and blues with the browns against the tonal background is pure deliciousness! I so love all the little details that have been included here, too, they create tons and tons of visual interest throughout the entire layout! And those photos … soooo PRECIOUS!

I chose this next Standout by esther_a titled Deborah’s 60th for pretty much the same reasons that I chose Lizziet5’s above. I really adore the fresh twist that the framed blocking lends to a pretty standard format of scrapbooking that you find in most Project Life projects. The muted palette is divinely perfect, and the images are all so delightfully charming! So beautiful, every bit of it!

Next I have this stunner titled Butteflies by Dady. I so adore all the artsy here! Love the monochromatic feel, and the masking is sheer perfection! Love the loop de loop, and the “movement” it provides in the work of art!

I have been completely love-struck by this next GORGEOUS Project Life-like spread by Veer titled love. The artsy-traditional look here is absolutely divine! LOVE the tonal color palette, and those images, so stinking precious! Just a wonderfully beautiful work of art!

I hope that you all have found inspiration in the Standouts that I have chosen! Have a FABULOUS week! See you in the galleries again real soon!

9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 22

  1. Katherine, thank you so much for including my page in yesterday’s GSO choices! It was a great way to start my day today.

  2. A big thank you Katherine for featuring my page! You’ve made my day – and congratulations to the other artists too!

  3. Just saw this today, but i am so happy with the GSO !!! Have been working long at this page, to find the right pictures for this design. Thank you very much Katherine !

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