Happy Monday! It’s such a treat to tour the galleries after the holidays! So many wonderful pages, so many wonderful contests, so many wonderful ideas! Today we are mainly keeping it real with some good story-telling, both in words and in design. There’s humor and love and color and beauty, all the things I love about scrapbooking!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Hello, I’m Janet by Janet Long

Okay, that’s just clever, isn’t it? I love the extraction (check out the shadow for her paper doll!!!). The lines of text with the arrows leading into the doll are hilarious, imaginative, fun, fun FUN! I just love when someone creates something original and interesting and resourceful, and this one takes the prize! Great job, I absolutely love this. And I totally agree that every piece of clothing should have deep pockets, well, yeah!

The snowblower saga by jodegaard

This page drew me in with all its delicious winter-ness. I like the large background photo with the trees creating a scene for the inset photos. The text is a nice tribute to the artist’s altruistic husband, who uses his snowblower to do good deeds in their neighborhood. Because of the journaling, the page came to life for me, and became so much more than a wintery setting, it became a true-life good guy story. I so appreciate reading the stories behind these pages!

Little Moments with You by Carrie1977

This page gives the appearance of being light-hearted, pretty and fun, and indeed the design is all those things. But, the text tells us that there was a more serious real-life experience happening here, with a child in the hospital. I love that she documented the moment this way. She kept it real, and the important moment can be recalled in their scrapbook, but at the same time the design is light and uplifting, just what you’d want to convey at that moment. Love the border work and use of white space. Terrific shadowing on this page! This is a delightful page, both for its design and for memorializing the experience.

Hello 2018 by ctmm4 (aka Candy Moe)

There is no shortage of New Year’s pages in the galleries this week, so it’s a hard thing to narrow down one to showcase. I particularly liked the colors on this one. And I liked that she used slightly imperfect close up shots. There is something so effective about a good tilt on a page! This template provided a nice home for all the important bits, especially the story of their celebration! This one had a poignant realization about her kids not being home for many more celebrations, and I loved that she scrapped that sentiment.

February 2016 Snow Day by Glazefamily3

That stripey triangle made all the difference on this page! Plus, you’ve got to love that smile beaming out from the page, it just screams get on a sled and ride! I like how the gray background stacks against the white foreground, and grabs the attention of the b&w photo. Sweet colors and effective use of little paper bits. The stars leading us down the page are a good finishing touch.

Currently by Anke

Anke has a lot of wonderful pages in the gallery so it was hard to pick just one! No one can convey a good artsy scene like Anke! A good dog page is always going to win any contest for me, and it has the extra benefit of Anke’s artsy touches too! The wintery feel is made so much more fun with these great snow-dog photos. Love the design, colors and big, bold word art on this one.

I hope you all love today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 8th

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my layout. That is exactly what I was hoping it would convey. We made the most of the time we spent in the hospital with our daughter and I didn’t want some gloomy page. I’m glad it worked the way I hoped.

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