Morning all!
Tracy here! Coffee and toast in hand 🙂
Cannot think of a nicer way to start the day, than gallery stalking lol

I found some amazing pages today I’m excited to share with you! They have me excited to get some pages done myself 🙂


Aloha by Carrie1977
I love the bright fun painted paper, with all those photos. I find it hard to get so many photos on without it looking junky so I’m always drawn to these pages!


Little Moments by arliddian

Wow, loving the off center circles in the circles, and all those fun elements. I’m going to steal this look lol.

Love how the focus draws you in, to that one awesome photo also. Gorgeous.



Coco Colada by Lor

This is by one of my all time fave scrappers, always love her composition, colours, and stunning photos and this is no exception. That background paper, the way it frames with such a cool troppo vibe,  with the almost handmade looking elements is a huge win for me 🙂


Thoughtful by Rollinchen

This is gorgeous, arty, and makes me smile. Serene, just like that lovely Buddha!  Love that quote too, very awesome page.



Catching Waves by Silvia

Simple design, love the out of the frame design, fluid like the waves 🙂 funny its simple, but detailed at the same time. Love it. (and I miss summer dearly lol)


July Inspiration by MiekSter

This is so cool! That watercolour paper? Makes me want to touch it. BIG fan of texture and this rings my bells 🙂 just lovely with that gorgeous smiling face too right?


Thanks for reading today! Hope you enjoyed my picks, leave some love for the clever page artists if you like!
Have  a wonderful day wherever you are 🙂





3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 2nd

  1. I’m gleaming with pride that I’m one of your favorite scrappers and that you chose my layout Tracy! Thank you so much! 🙂

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