Hi! Miki, here. We had a taste of summer in the month of May, but the beginning of June is becoming a wash out with all the rain. It’s a perfect day to look for some beauty. I just finished browsing the galleries and found so much inspiration that the clouds and rain are disappearing.

The Earth without art is just “eh.” 

First up is …

What a clever idea by RJMJ in Circle of Life 2! Love how all the activities of the day flow within the circle, beginning with the alarm clock and stepping out of the circle at the end of the day with a glass of wine for some “Me Time!” But of course the cup of coffee must come first to keep the day from spinning out of control! The reds really pop and also love the word art and supporting details.

Anyone who suffers from arthritis can relate to this page, Pain, by nightshadow. Love the beautiful grunge and black and red title work. The texture and brush work also help to convey the feeling of pain. The photo says it all … I need my hands to work with me today!

Love the photo and how it fills the page in Remember by rache77! Wonderful photo treatment and blending. If you look closer you will notice a guitar and sheet music making this page sing. Lots of hours of work with a gorgeous outcome and a great quote to keep in mind!

What first drew me to this page, Walls, by Tissie12, was the quote. I love the color palette with the central focus on a mosaic black and white photo within the circle. The circles are continued through out the page only to be broken up with blocks of color and flowers. Gorgeous artwork!

Love the column design of Hooray by Deekaa! The vertical word art strengthens the design and the bits of color make this page festive! Of course the adorable photos of the 2 year old celebrating his birthday just adds to the joy! Happy Birthday!

This page, To the Moon by mary-lynne, captured by heart. How sweet is that photo! Love the button moon, star, texture and muted color palette! This is just TOO Cute!

Those are my picks for today. Hope that you enjoyed them. Please stop my the galleries and leave a bit of love for the artists. Because … “Art simply makes me feel better” and I’m sure it does you too! Have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 5

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my page. I was having a particularly difficult time yesterday and decided to journal about it. Too bad journaling isn’t magic…LOL

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