I’ve spent so much time in the galleries today – y’all so creative and there are so many styles out there, y’all make my choice incredibly difficult! That said, I always feel super privileged to bring you amazing pieces of work form across the world, just want you to know that!

So let’s begin with a riot of colour. Happy Life by Chigirl holds nothing back. A striking colour combination of black, pink, red and teal, with a dash of white of course, gets this layout noticed! I love how the large square photo follows through from the square layers behind and all the delightful goodness in the four clusters to each side. And then there’s the title work that adds to the carefree energy of this page. Just wonderful!

Inspiration by MiekSter is a fabulous mix of brushes, stamps and various elements that bring a whole lot of depth and interest to this fun page. I love the gold and black here and the patterned framing gives that extra wow factor. And once again, I love the title work mix of letters. A stellar layout!

I know we all contemplate the passage of time – I reckon it’s so prevalent in this hobby of ours as we document our stories – and justjulz has encapsulated this expression perfectly with this little cutie on her page entitled Where Has the Time Gone. I love how the masking and stamps take the colours from the image, making for a wonderfully coordinated page. Seriously love this!

I’m always looking for balance in my own work and My Favorite by Isa Marks is a fine example of this design feature with the top left cluster complimenting the main focus of the bottom right cluster of detail. Keeping to a simple but very effective colour combination of black and teal makes this masterpiece so easy on the eye. The brushwork is both delicate and bold and I love that dotted grid and the super cute stars! An amazing piece of work!

Staying with teal and black… ok, just a little teal, is Blessed by Ga_L! The perspective of the image captures interest and the repetitive word art from top to bottom of the portrait orientation is so cool! The framing of the image is unique, with the gently striped and patterned paper and the splatters, adding great contrast to the white backdrop. Perfect!

I’ve seen some amazing layouts using cutting files and VBeata’s You are Special is no exception. A great mix of colour fills the cut out here and there and some carefully chosen elements and the circular text paths add a perfect dose of detail. Pretty stitching holds the backdrop together and top all this with an adorable image and you have a winner! Stunning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these fine examples of goodness from the galleries today. When you have a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists… I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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