I got chills, they’re multiplyin’ just about sums me up for today… there’s a harsh wind blowing in the north west of the UK today, it’s bitterly cold and parts of the country have had more snow overnight but I’m getting tucked up now inside our cosy little home with a lovely warm throw. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you take a few minutes to get comfortable so you can check out a few little treasures from the galleries today! [Disclaimer! As I read over this post before publishing, I recognised that my picks today all have an air of peace about them… that there’s a lot of white space… there’s room for me to breathe… and after the past few weeks when we’ve had some big ups and downs in our family, I’ve needed this, so I thank the artists wholeheartedly for bringing some quiet to my soul today!]

I absolutely love the design of Oh, please! by Sokee, the vertical detail on the right is a super mix incorporating some brushwork, some text and a beautifully shadowed piece of foliage, all playing along to support the image in the top right corner. And is it just me or does anyone else need a mug like the little red one on the super cute flair?! I really want to lift this layout!

Blackkathy has also used a vertical design on her layout entitled Bubbles and given her project a different look with the use of different sized and also key line geometrics – check that the journaling takes the geo shape and the little cut out geo at the bottom too! Sweet black and white images, a gorgeous colour palette, some dainty accents and a few pretty scatters that supports the title and emanate from the see through pocket up top, all add to the eye candy! Totally love this!

On the Beach by MariSt is where I’d really like to be right now! I love how the brushwork and backdrop here carries the sand from the image to the page and the frameless photo adds to the carefree feel. A couple of patterned paper pieces, beautifully shadowed add interest to the page while the doily, the stitched ‘my soul is happy’ label and the little heart add depth. The journaling block that fits neatly alongside the detail finishes this project off perfectly! A gorgeous page!

I’m always in awe of those who make use of photo treatments and Be Positive by faby33 is a terrific example. I love the pop of blue with the etching, how bold the title work is and how all the white space allows the artistry to breathe. Fabulous, perfectly balanced and oh so wall-worthy!

Staying with what I believe is the same challenge, Cocodou makes use of a similar photo treatment with her page entitled Les Haras. This is what I love about such challenges… that the technique can be the same but the outcome can be something quite different! I like how the sketchy side appears like 3D drawing almost, giving me the impression that I’m seeing the inside of this beautiful piece of architecture. The tones here are beautiful and I like that the journaling balances the page perfectly. A lovely piece of work!

Pocket pages are a great way to include snippets of life in a beautifully, organised manner. Reading by beth moloney is simply eye catching. A gorgeous colour combination and pretty pocket cards with various accents make this spread so easy on the eye that I just want to see more! Plus, the attention to detail in showcasing this hybrid project has not gone unnoticed – a stunning flat lay, for sure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘peaceful’ picks today and if you get a moment to spare, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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  1. Thank you, Liz, you put a smile on my face! Beautiful choices. Lots of gorgeouness in the galleries which makes the choosing difficult!

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