Hey there scrappers!  This is DivaMom96 writing today from not-so-sunny Florida.  We are being hit by the edges of the horrible storm system that swept through the Southeast yesterday.  I hope that all of you and your families are safe and sound and able to enjoy my picks for today.

My first pick is the night everything went awry by beehive50.  She is a master of white space and I love how she told her story using one photo, a few pieces of paper and a few elements.  Each word contributes to the story, each element is necessary to the story and they are all put together perfectly.  (Someday, I’m going to give this style a try.)

I fell in love with répétition by Mamie loulou 4 as soon as I saw it in the gallery.  There must have been a challenge over at Oscraps since a lot of layouts in the gallery were of this half photo/half sketch variety.  This artist nailed it!  Each one of her subjects creates a sense of movement and energy that radiates from the page.  Makes me wish I could have watched these “acrobats” performing their act!

The colors in Love you lots by ConnieS jumped out at me.  I really enjoy when artists use B&W photos – it’s fun to see what color choices they make.  I was intrigued by how she used the beautiful border for her color inspiration, especially all the colored splatters under the photos.  Beautifully scrapped!

As I was surfing the galleries today, I found myself thinking how difficult it can be to put multiple photos on a page in a way that tells the story without overwhelming the photos.  Just as I was thinking this, I came across Birthday Memories by JanyTime.  How fabulous!  Her photo selection and cropping really tells her story, but by using the photos themselves as her paper, she was able to add minimal elements and not overwhelm us.  Very nice!

Another layout I fell in love with is Keep Moving Forward by wombat146.  The large, blended photo drew me in to find a very personal story.  Her photo blending, along with the bright, hopeful paper, gives support and emotional explanation to her story of trial, strength and reflection.  It is a very powerful piece of art.

I end today with Essence of Summer by lizziet5. First off, I love the photo.  But I LOVE how she set it off!  I can actually feel the sun and water from her color choices, and the “splashing” hearts connect us emotionally to her love for this young girl.  I was so taken with this one that it inspired me to create a layout of my own using that fabulous raised frame idea.

That’s it for today!  Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 20

  1. Thank you so much Deborrah for picking my page, you’ve made me one very happy gal today! And congratulations to the other artists too!

  2. Deborrah… thank you SO VERY much for the GSO! What a lovely surprise today! It’s always an honor and I appreciate the nod! 🙂 Congratulations to all the other standout artists, too!

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