Hello all! It is a dreary, snowy spring day in Minnesota, so my plan was to highlight all the flowery, bright spring pages, but I was captivated by a variety of other layouts – shipwrecks, heritage, art journaling, and mystery. That means there is no theme today, but there is accomplished artistry to admire and inspire. If you love the layouts as I do, please leave the artists a little love. Thank you!

Rain Go Away by Pantherka

This is my only spring page, but it invokes all the happy, bright feelings we associate with springtime. I love how she placed her elements on the line of circles and hung the umbrella on the ladder. The newsprint flower and blossoming cluster highlight her photo wonderfully. Spring is definitely in the air!


Calico by jirsev

This page elicits an opposite, but powerful, feeling. Mysterious, enigmatic and oh so beautiful! I love the white flowers, torn papers, and framing. Jirina’s clusters are dazzling. Exotic and wonderful!


Shipwrecks by Mielz

I saw this page a few days ago and had to come back to it today. First of all, the photography is exquisite – the detailed, age look of the ships are spectacular. Then the imaginative way she scrapped the photos is inspiring – Don’t you love the use of the tags? The brushwork is subtle but evocative of the theme, and her few, but well-chosen, embellishments cap off the page splendidly. LOVE!


1928WhoWeAre by Mrs. Peel

Cynthia is one of my favorite scrappers. She inspires me to make pages out of my comfort zone, and this one is no exception. A heritage photo scrapped in a very modern way. She has created a lovely backdrop for her photo with the matting, and I like the way the flowers fall behind her family photo. There is much more to enjoy – the word art (so true), contrasting black title, and the vintage charms and timepieces. Skillfully and beautifully composed!


Serenity by Gina

Peaceful, elegant, striking – These are the words that came to mind when I first saw the thumbnail of Grace’s page. Her masking and blending are superb, and the photo effect is evocative of the theme. Love everything she has done to compose her tranquil and serene page.


Daydream by jlholden

I can’t decide if I want this for my wall, or if I want to be the joyful woman. I love the sunny color palette and the absolutely perfect brushwork. The page brings to light all that is carefree, untroubled and radiant in each of us. Thank you, Jana, for bringing a little joy into my life with your shining page.



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  1. Great choice Deborah – congrats to everyone.
    Thank you so much for choosing my page and for your lovely comment. What a nice surprise this morning. You made my day.

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