Hello! It’s the day before Thanksgiving for those of us who celebrate it in the States. A time for family, friends and food! The first Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration held by the pilgrims of Plymouth colony in the 17th century. It was believed that the main foods at this harvest celebration were fowl, deer, mussels, lobsters, grapes, plums, corn and herbs. There were no potatoes nor did they have the butter and flour to make pies. The celebration lasted for 3 days. That was a feast! I cook for days, and the meal is over in 30 minutes. But for me Thanksgiving is more of a gathering of family and friends and counting our blessings. As I caroused through the galleries this morning I came across many layouts with the theme of family, friends and food.

As a child the family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins) would gather around my grandmother’s small dinning room table. This photo in My People by Charlotte M reminds me of the special Thanksgivings we had. Several generations gathered together. Love all the layers and neutral color palette. The touches of gold pop! A beautiful page!

Laura is a first time grandparent! In this page, New Family, she has captured the love and joy that her son experienced in seeing his new born son. Love the double framing around the smaller colored image and how it zeros in on dad and baby with mom getting a well deserved rest. Also, a gorgeous color palette with light and glows. An amazing experience and page! Congratulations!

This page, Friends 1946 by ptabbert, caught my eye in the gallery. Love how it fills the page, as if their friendship was bigger than life! Also love the golden color in contrast to the deep maroons. Beautiful manipulation of artistry and blending! Perfect quote, also!

Grandfather, by Kythe, is a beautiful heritage page that pays homage to a patriarch of the family. Love the strong vertical lines and metal elements framing the photo. She has even included personal memorabilia that gives us a glimpse into her grandfather’s life. Beautiful clustering and page!

Green City Market, by tkradtke, tells the story of visiting the farmer’s market and eating and shopping for food. Love the grid design, four blocks, three photos and a journaling box! Great balance of the dimensional elements. I also love the plaid border framing the page! The crepes look delicious!

My last choice has to do with color and nature. Color Spots, by wsprite_ad, highlights the beauty of nature! Love the diagonal flow of the photos balanced by the autumnal colored buttons! The artist has captured the “splendor of the season!”

Hope that you enjoyed the selections I chose today. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love! Now … Enjoy your Day! Make it ridiculously amazing! And have a wonderful Wednesday!

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. William Shakespeare

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