Election Day – 2018!

What a day!  Everywhere I went today, I saw people wearing “I voted” stickers.  As I sit at my computer perusing the galleries and listening to the results coming in, I am thankful that I live in a country where people are free to make their opinions known without fear of arrest, torture or death.  May all peoples of the world have this freedom someday – Amen.  Now, to today’s picks.

First up, we have Sunny Days by SharLamb.  I just love the playground photo shoot idea!  What fun to get to school early and take photos at the best time of day.  The photos are beautiful, but I love how she used the pink background paper to bring out the pink of her granddaughter’s skirt.  The brushwork is beautiful!  It gives movement to the layout and expresses the energy of the subject.  Beautifully done!

Next up is San Francisco by Heidi Nicole.  I love city scapes, especially when they are blended into the background.   This one, however, caught my eye due to her beautiful use of elements.  I love the road signs, traffic lights and signage she used.  But, check out the brushwork toward the bottom of the blended image.  Such cool upside down buildings – or are they right side up?  Beautifully put together!

Next up, we have Sidney by lizziet5.  Is Sidney a real snake????  OMG!  I love how she took the snake idea and wove it throughout her layout.  Her beautiful photos tell a great story, and I love how she used a simple background paper, then added gorgeous brushwork for interest and texture.  The moving dots across the page make me think of the way a snake moves.  I just love this page!

I fell in love with Totally Booked by sucali as soon as I saw it.  What a FABULOUS photo, and I love how she left everything so simple so that we could appreciate it.  The I Heart Books paper is adorable, as is the stamped chair and bookshelf.  I really love her minimal elements and how they all compliment the photo.  Beautiful!

Artist Trading Coins by ptabbert brought back so many memories!  When I was a paper scrapper, we would make ATC (Artist Trading Cards) and mail them to each other.  I still have a stash of them in one of my treasured paper crafting boxes.  What a wonderful idea to make digital versions, and what a wonderful idea to showcase them on a digital layout!  It takes a true artist to create a powerful message using a small canvas, and each one of these adorable coins is a piece of art in and of itself.  I hope the idea catches on!

Lastly we have True Story by Clin d’oeil.  Now, I don’t speak French so I cannot understand the journaling on this layout, but the story comes across loud and clear.  It is said that a picture says 1000 words and it couldn’t be more true than here.  What a thrill for a child to hold a small bird in their hands, and how amazing that she was able to capture the photo.  I love her simple paper and elements, each of which helps to tell her story.  Brava!

That’s it for tonight.  I hope you have fun surfing the galleries!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 6th

  1. Oh wow! Such a sweet surprise. Thank you for choosing my layout Deborrah, this makes me so happy!
    Congrats to all others!

    ~Susanne~ (sucali)

  2. Thank you so much for the highlight here, Deborrah! It means so much to me! Thanks again and huge congratulations to all the other artists – your layouts are terrific!

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