Hi everybody! The rains have finally arrived, and today was a gloriously misty day. I love it–I’ve been in a super-cocooning mood lately. Here I go a-cruisin’ through the galleries…

The first page I noticed was “Well-Loved” by Cherry Gutz. I love all the different papers, and that fun little snapchat photo hiding in a heart… =)

Chaos Lounge is a favorite scrapper of mine–almost everything she does, including “Enjoy Today” is so elegant. Her layering is fantastic, but I love even more that she managed to include so many elements on a super-busy background paper, and still has it coming out as soft and airy. Just lovely.

Enjoy Today by Chaos Lounge

I’d spotted Clin d’Oeil’s funny recipe scrap page on Facebook, too! I just love all the cute notes she wrote down on the page to really make the recipe hers (she calls it her personal recipe and a little crazy). Her title is Dried Fruits Winter Cake, but she crossed out the “winter” part and says, “Nope–it’s good any time!” And later, she makes sure to underline that you don’t *have to* taste the brandy in which the dried fruits are marinating, if you don’t want to… đŸ˜‰

Clin d'Oeil, Cake d'Hiver

I loved the great messy/straight line contrasts going on in easyeyes4you’s “Swiss Cheese” (I think it was called that because of the peek-through technique on the page).

Easyeyes4you, Swiss Cheese

And jang’s great black and white shot on her “Bricks” page really caught my eye, too (and made me laugh). Oops! Soft ground wins again… Notice how the raffia really ties the grasses in, between the b&w and the color. A well-thought out page!

jang, Bricks

And lastly, we have WeaselWatchr’s Brave Enough–I don’t usually resonate with a lot of art journaling, but I loved the eye-catching contrasts here of the red and black, and then the flight path delineated by the words. It’s also abstract enough that the viewer can add in a lot of herself and her own story–a very interesting page altogether.

WeaselWatchr, Brave Enough

I hope everybody has a fascinating and enjoyable week. Be well! ♥

4 thoughts on “Finger-Pointing, October 8

  1. @Heather : thank you a thousand times for this Finger pointing !

    if you come to Europe,come to eat a slice of cake, with a cup of tea ! and we’ll see if there’s anything left in the bottle of brandy !

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