Hello and happy middle of the week! I was cheered up considerably after perusing the gallery for today’s standouts. Such a lot of talent out there! Today’s picks are all about clever. Come take a look, I think you’ll agree these are a lot of fun.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Z by shaynesgirl

I love a good use of photo fading! This page has a cool look achieved both vertically and horizontally, that had me really looking close. Love the color combination with the b&w photos. The elements work well on top of the repeat photos and repeat tags. I like the way the buttons and stitching off the page on the left tie it all together.

Simple Autumn by Kam

This is just lovely! The colors are wonderful, and I enjoyed the placement of each element. Love the big newsprint text as a backdrop to that beautiful photo. All the leaves, under and over, really add to the feel of this. The bar code word art was a fun touch. I like all of the drawn elements and doodles to round this one out.

It’s fall by jesskab

I got a big kick out of this one! It’s vibrant and fun and colorful, all pointing to a fun fall pumpkin patch adventure. The split page design is a clever idea. I like the doodly circles behind the photos and elements, it provides this with great motion. The photos are my favorite part, a little imperfect, candid, and true life. Nice brushwork on this page. The journal strips are the perfect final touch.

point click perfection by kiana

The muted colors and use of white space on this page really drew me in. I enjoyed the fun series of selfies, from serious to silly. What did we ever do before selfies? Great shadow work on this page! The little cluster of beads, paper and word art strips on the top right balance the page nicely.

Cabin Camping by anrobe

This page pops out from that light gray striped background, such an effective choice! Love the color choices, and the stitched circle frame is perfect for that photo. I like the arrangement of cute stitched and stapled elements. The banners on the top right worked beautifully for balance.

50 Thousand Shades of Gray by Squeak

There are some storytellers who possess a remarkable ability to weave a tale about a seemingly innocuous topic, and Shirley tops that list! Part of the fun of this page is reading all of the responses from all the other people who suffered over paint colors. The journaling is hilarious, the paint cans are cleverly represented, and the humor cannot be topped. Thanks for my laugh of the day. Oh, and the double entendre in the title: too clever!

So, was I right? Clever stuff, huh?! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some praise, they’ll appreciate it, I’m sure! Have a great rest of your week!

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