Hello and welcome to the mid-week addition of the Gallery Standouts. It’s incredibly hot in MI with temps in the 90’s so I’m staying cool, after a brief walk with my puppy, and wandering through the galleries looking for standouts. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Photo Props by AnneofAlamo

I like the way this artist enlarged the index card to hold her handwritten (or appears as) journaling. Placing it in the center of the page with the vertical clusters on both sides makes for an effective page design. I like all the elements she chose, perfectly themed for her page. The framing works so well with the tiny photos. Finishing the page off with a kiss is just right.

A Mosaic by pam p

I can’t decide if I’m ready for summer to end and fall to begin but this gorgeous artsy page is definitely pushing me in that direction. I like the partial framing of the blended photo. I like the way the artist placed the painted pumpkins, one partially off the page. The stitched pumpkins are the perfect addition and the quote that serves as the journaling is lovely.

My Niece and Grandniece by nanajodie

This white space page is so pretty. I love the way the paper circles mimic the scribble and walk the eye around the center of the page. Wrapping the page with the twine and hanging the tag from the knot is very unique. The brushwork is lovely and I like the way the buttons are placed along the scribble. The little bird perched atop the framed photo is so very cute.

Gardens by scraptious

Adding smaller framed photos to a larger blended photo continues to be one of my favorite design techniques. The corner clusters are perfectly shadowed and I like the way the trailing ribbon leads us diagonally across the page. I like the bits of red paint opposite the charming title work which combines two fonts very effectively.

Perfect Summer by Georgia Rossini

This paper page is amazing. The artist stitched the grid and filled it with bits of patterned paper, difficult enough to achieve digitally but I can’t imagine doing it with real supplies. The stitched background is the perfect foundations for the framed photo topped with just a few embellishments. The tucked tag would be perfect for some hidden journaling.

Cog to Pikes Peak by Neverland Scraps

I really like the repeating triangles in this page. The journaling mimics the shape of the photos and cut out pieces of patterned paper. I like the way the arrows move the eye all around the page which, while filled with elements, remains uncluttered. I like the contrast between the diagonal ribbon and the horizontal banner and word strips. This is a great travel page.

It’s always so difficult to narrow the choices down to six so I hope you like today’s selections. If you do have even a minute please click through either the titles or the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week.



3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 5th

  1. oh my gosh! I had so much fun playing with Paula Kesselring’s kit Photo props, that I thought I got carried away…lol, and to see it chosen for this blog! wow! Thank you again! and again!

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