Hello! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend! I started with a trip to A&E (the ER- emergency services if you are in the other side of the pond, we call it – here in Britain- Accident & Emergency!) so this post which should have been made last night ended up in the early hours of Saturday, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to share with you some gorgeous pages! Hope you find them as inspiring as I do!

Starting with Langley Green Library by Rachel Jefferies, whom you may also known as Captivated Visions, she is back after a few years break for motherhood, and she is rocking digi-land with her creations. Love the gorgeous elegance of the blank space, the fabulous mixed media, I am a fan of pieces of text and in here not only gives dynamic to the page but also reflects the theme. Love the splash of pink, and the photo with the building detail. Harmony everywhere, elegance and the journaling that takes me back to the times when my baby was little, the libraries here in England have so many amazing activities for kids, some times with us parents participating and some times giving us some reading & resting time… love how the page reflects it all!

Next is Selfie-Style-Challenge by Psychozoe, one of my latest findings for my Favorite People’s list. I could spend hours talking about her talent, creativity flows for her like magic, and this page shows it in total glory. LOVE the layering, the awesome word art, the feel of graphic like it could be an ad that would sell me just about anything and, at the same time, the hand made feeling that is pretty much my cup-o-tea…. absolutely, amazingly AWESOME!!!!

This next -awesome- page…..I have been sitting here for at least 10 minutes trying to find the right words…. still not sure I will write it down in a coherent way, maybe because the subject is a difficult, still common enough among the human race, maybe because we have spoken about this many times with her, and I so wish I could more often show her how absolutely amazing, gifted, talented and more than good enough she is. I know some of us have periods in which we don’t feel quiet accomplished, and here is also one of the beauties of scrapbooking : we can make beautiful things out of the not-so-beautiful, sometimes right down ugly feelings or events, and this page is the best example. love the mixture of textures, the delicate details that make the eye go all around the page, awesome hand feel with the paints/doodles and the alpha used for the tittle, gorgeous subtle shadows….marvelous page out of a feeling I would LOVE to be able to eradicate from her heart and thoughts as she is way, way more than good enough!!! (in every way possible, not just with scrap pages!) Why Am I Never Good Enough by jesskab

Next is eve11ne with Take Me to Paris. Travel pages are high on my faves list, so I am always looking for inspiration and this is so gorgeous, original and full of beauty all over!!!, Love the way she always manages to use lots of elements (which I am crazy about too), the layering is wonderful, plus the take on the template so personalized in the best of ways… I’m crazy about the title’s word art (this has me running to the store!), the variety of elements, the richness of the whole page and the amazing effect of the soft colors with a touch of black, everything gorgeously balanced, lovely all over!!!

Another one of my favorite people, with a superb double pager, Totally Awesome pg1 & pg2 by AmieN1. If you click HERE, you can see the LOs side by side, in her gallery page. Love Amie’s talent in every style, and these most definitely are a stand out! Love the happy feeling with those bright neon colors, the superb combination of patterns is a master class, the half blend & out of bounds extraction with the photos is fabulous, gorgeous tittle and cluster with each page…. All over an injection of happiness in an explosion of color and perfection in composition!

Totally Awesome pg1

& Totally Awesome pg2

Last but not in the slightest least, Rough & Tough by FILLIPOK. Not sure if this is a stock photo or her own, but regardless, love the way the composition is framing it! Just to be clear (as I made a stock photo comment in a previous post), I have nothing against stock photo, I myself use them in my art journal or mixed media pages, I just happen to have a very photogenic family so I tend to use my own in memory keeping. Back to this awesome page, if I have ever seen perfection in framing a full page photo, this is it. Amazing movement with the papers, gorgeous clusters with the most beautiful elements, the touch of yellow around lifts the browns and perfectly shines with the turquoise, every little bit of the page shouts perfection!!!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you love them as much as I do. Remember, as usual, you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the LO & author, please do spare a minute or two to comment, leave a touch of love that always makes our day!!! Have an awesome weekend!


6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 7th –

    1. so so awesome, the page, the creations of yours…. so glad you are back at designing!!!! there were so many pages with your stuff that I had selected but finding yours there was no thinking, it had to be this page!!!!!

    1. more than deserved, the page is amazing, even if in that tragic way of ours to turn the negatives into positives by art…. I just so wish you could see yourself with the eyes of so many of us who are here, there & everywhere for you <3

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