Is everyone enjoying the first Monday in February?   I’m Brenda, and I’m happy to be hosting today’s Fingerpointing blog post.  Over the weekend there was plenty of activity in the galleries.  It certainly was a pleasure to browse through them looking for a handful of standouts.  These are today’s choices:

Spring by Mary 11

Today especially I’m looking forward to spring.  We had horribly cold temperatures overnight and this beautiful page was just what I needed to warm my heart.  Such soft beautiful shades of yellow and green, and the blending is fantastic.  I like how the design is placed on the top of the page, which leaves ample white space below.  The simple title is a great finishing touch.

keep trying by gina

This page is a great example of ArtJournaling.  I love the sketchy appearance here.  The message is clear and well received.  The wordart and scribbles and her choice of elements for her theme are perfect.  The limited number of colors helps with the flow.

XPT by jak

What a nice travel page.  I like the multi-photo design and all of the fun wordstrips, not to mention the colorful clusters at three points.  This page will be a wonderful memory to share in years to come.

Wanna Play?  Ed by PatySampaio

I’m not sure which is cuter, the doodled out paper, or Ed.  What I do know is that the message, “life is better with a dog” is absolutely true.  I’m curious though, is Ed a teddybear, or a mixed breed, or a doodle, or ?  Anyway you look at it, this page makes me smile!  The red heart tape is an awesome touch.  Lastly, YES, I wanna play.  ♥

Life is Gritty by Shannamay

#roughage.  That cracked me up!  Love the humor in this page, but so much more than that, this photo is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.  It reminds me of a photo I have of my boys playing in the mud puddles with dirt all over their faces. Love the shadow work here too.  Those red hearts seem as though they’re jumpring right off the page.  Yes indeed, these are the days to remember.   I couldn’t agree more.  This is a very nice keepsake, as well as a nice valentines day page.

5 Favorites Challenge by OKate

This page came from a challenge to create a list of favorites.  I like the numerical format, and a horizontal design with coordinating photos as examples.  I also like the slightly grungy background for a little interest without being overbearing.  Most of the time we scrappers are busy creating memories of everything else but ourselves.  It’s nice to take some time to include “me” pages here and there.

With that, I’ll finish today’s post, and wish you a nice rest of the week.  Thanks for spending a bit of time with me here.  I do hope you can take some time to be creative, in whatever form that takes.  It’s good for the soul.


2 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – February 5th

  1. What a nice surprise this morning. Congratulation to everyone!. Great choice, Brenda. Thank you so much for showing my page here – I feel very honored.

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