We have been having some weather the last couple of days.  Yesterday started out with rain, then freezing rain and then an all out snowstorm.  The flakes were beautiful, huge and heavy.  The kind of snow that is perfect for making a snowman.  I’ve been content to stay indoors and enjoy the view.  And speaking of view, today’s gallery browsing mission was successful.  Hi.  I’m Brenda, and here is what I found for today’s top six:

Solitude by bcazzell

I couldn’t resist this wintery scene that reminds me so much of what many of us are experiencing right now.  The heavy snow that clings to the trees is so beautiful with just a hint of pine needle green peeking out.  The texture on this page adds so much dimension and the wordart is just enough to add interest to the overall design.  It was interesting to read the technique used for this page.

MY HAPPINESS by Justagirl

On the opposite hand, here we have sunshine, beaches and someone’s happy place.  This is a wonderful horizontal design with what appears to be a band of blue sky across the page, and layered on top of it is a beach scene where I would love to be at, right this very minute.   (yes I would give up this beautiful snow for a beautiful beach anyday)   I love the playful colors and patterns layered behind it.  How lucky this designer is to be able to say “my local beach.”

Loved This #happyPLace by Dalis

Our next destination page is chock-full of  fun and colorful elements, designed to support the “happy place” story.    This is wonderful journaling, and will be as interesting to look at in twenty years as it is today.

MOC – Day 21 by KarenB

Be still my heart.  I’m a bit white space challenged myself, so I always admire someone who pulls it off as well as this designer did.  But really, what else is there to look at aside from this adorable furbaby photo?  Keeping the design simple with minimal elements was inspired.  I love how she framed the photo, and then used a simple dark patterned paper behind it.  The addition of the small bit of twine with a single button, and that one word title make this page absolutely perfect.  Here is where we all say, awww.

Talent Balance Auggie by Roboliver

Who would have thought there would be two inspiring pet pages today?  But look at this.  How could I resist?  Auggie is so talented and I love that his talents have been recorded in a scrapbook page to preserve for all time.  I like the white textured paper with hand drawn stars and splatters on top of it.  The weathered wood alpha looks great here too.

in my defense by Kellygirl

I had to laugh when I saw the wordstrips on this page.  Love love love all of the circles in various sizes and colors.  And talk about color overload in the best way possible.  The black background was the best choice, right?  This is so striking that I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s pure eyecandy.

This is it for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks. If you have time, please do take a closer look in the galleries and take a couple of seconds to leave some positive feedback.  It’s always appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – January 23rd

  1. Brenda, this is simply a wonderful surprise to see today….Thank you ever so much for this GSO. I also appreciate the link to this page…I didn’t know where it was, or about it. You really brightened my day.

  2. Thanks so much! It’s been a while to be featured and this is one of those pics from our trip I couldn’t wait to scrap!

    — dalis

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