Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Fingerpointing spree.  I’ve been having the best time browsing the scrapbook galleries this morning and I can’t wait to show you some of the gems I’ve found.  Ready or not, here we go.


This is such a fun page, filled with lots of digital goodies, including these these super cute black and white photo strips with various poses.  Love the design, layering and choice of elements.  Most of all, I like the quote which is something we all need to be reminded of now and then.

a-letter-to-self by AnneofAlamo

What a project this must have been!  This is a fabulous photoless page, filled with journaling and various notes to self.  Wonderful layering here and it looks like everything is placed perfectly.  Be sure to check out the list of credits.  (It’s the longest list I’ve ever seen)  I only have one thing I’d like to mention to Anne.  If you take the time to read her notes, I think there is room for 5 black shirts in your (my) closet.  One long sleeve, one short sleeve, one dress shirt, one polo . . . etc.  *wink*

Us and Ours by Barbara Houston

This page combines artsy and cute all in one.  I like the curled paper, the brushwork and soft muted tones of the background, and of course that adorable subject, Maxwell.  He looks warm and cozy right where he is.

First Snow by mrivas

This is a super nice winter page in what is becoming a beautiful winter color palette.  I love the cluster of stars, snowflakes, a few well chosen brushes and the perfect title.  What a great photo to work with.  A fun quote around the photo frame is an inspired touch.  The journaling below will ensure that this memory will be preserved for years to come.

snow wonder by dziuniaf

This is a beautiful winter design with frosty leaves, flowers, and various other elements.  I like that the photo is tucked under a branch, and atop the branch, sits a little bird.  I also like the tilted background, with another dark background behind it.

Make It Count by sucali

I’m so in love with this trend of pastel winter pages.  Starting with a soft black and white photo, she layers in some beautiful patterned papers in soft pastel colors and tops it off with some pretty elements, including that winter fox complete in cap and scarf.  Too cute!  I like the ample white space and simple title below.  I’m reminded that even the most simple, clean looking pages have to be carefully planned out in order to look this good.  Well done.

That’s it for me today, folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections, and I hope you can take a few minutes to visit the galleries and leave some positive feedback.  I’m off to get an overdue oil change today while the temps are above 0.  That’s life in the north.


6 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – January 9th

  1. Oh my goodness, I think I was more excited to see REMEMBER HOW FAR YOU’VE COME by Justagirl page! We are doing a month long of challenges over at the Lily Pad and her page was for my challenge of 20 photos! She rocked it!!
    Thank you for the fun comments, and I will box my extra black shirts for you..and I have on 3/4 sleeve one on today! bhahhaha!

  2. I loved that black shirt note. It’s so me. 🙂 For quite a while now I’ve been saying that the best pages seem to come from challenges. This is just more proof.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my layout of my kitty Maxwell! I just blows me away! Huge compliment to be included with so much talent. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you so much for selecting my page you totally made my day albeit I’m a couple of days late in seeing this. Thanks again and congrats to the other ladies all your pages are amazeballs!

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