Hello, everyone, and welcome! Katherine here with today’s round of GORGEOUS Standouts! I really hope you adore my picks!

I absolutely adore the uniqueness in the design in this first Standout by Kayleigh titled UnforgettableThe cut-out pattern here is super fabulous (reminds me of a spirograph), and I love how each one sports a different patterned paper. The tri-color palette in the papers and the embellishments is absolutely wonderful, too, pairs so well with the black and white images!

Love the Project Life-like feel to this next Standout titled Greenwich by kikimama. The tonal palette works perfectly with those images, and I love the layout artist’s selection of patterned papers. I also love how she has used one of the images as a background, too! Very creative!

Next up I have this beauty by Twinsmomflor titled Tell Me. The artsy here is incredible! The mastery in the processing of the image is pretty mind-blowing. Love how the majority of it has that sketch-y look to it, really creates a ton of visual interest. Placement of the stitching really works well to frame it all in, while the title acts as an anchor to it all. A really fabulous layout!

I really couldn’t decide between this next pair of layouts by Lizziet5, the first one titled Loving this Moment anndddd …

the second one, Priceless Memories (both count as one pick ;P). They both sport the same design, which I LOVE by the way, but what made it so hard decide was the images. I love the genuinely sweet smile on the handsome little guy’s face in the first one, but just could not resist the personality that shines through in the second. Soooo … I picked both. I’m certain none of you all mind, just more goodness to look at, right?! LOL!

Next up is this fabulous Project Life-like layout titled 2014 Legoland America by Iowan. Reallyyyy loving the patriotic feel to this one! The blocking is fantastic (the blocking pattern is what actually draws me to these types of layouts), and I reallyyyy like the stitching, works so well to give off the appearance of a traditional paper layout.

To round out my choices I have another pair by the same artist that I couldn’t choose between, LOL! Just when the caterpillar … (2) anndddd …

Just when the caterpillar (1) … by cinderella (again, both picks count as one ;P). The artistry displayed in both of these art journaling layouts is nothing short of brilliant! Seriously. Love every little detail that the artist has included in each one of her works of art! And the message is sheer perfection!

And that’s a wrap for me! I really hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts that I chose! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Blessings to all of you! XO

3 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – June 30

  1. Thank you so much for the double mention here Katherine! I’m super proud and huge congrats to the other artists too!

  2. Katherine, thanks for including my pocket page with these artsy stunners! I really appreciate it. I like how you included the doubles on some of them too.

  3. I’ve been so sick that I haven’t checked my messages. What a wonderful surprise? Thank you so much .

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