Hi everybody! I found all kinds of gorgeous layouts today while cruising the galleries, but could only pick 6… Here is “FABULOUS” by Jennifer SPD–a layout graced by Audry Hepburn, but enhanced with the elegant lightness of gold, pink, and teal–and a big, huge bubble! She’s got great brushwork on here too, and some fun elements as well.

Precious Moments” by BCGal00 (Rae) features a darling young lady with a soft background (great photo!), and I love the superb clustering of real and “non-real” elements, like the painted flowers and leaves and the yummy brushwork. The colors in the layout and of the photo work so well together, too!

Boardwalk Queens” by Yellowpeep is deceptively simple, but the story is really great. Notice how she uses the “rule of 3” to draw your attention to the photos–3 circular elements, and then three flowers of one element off to the right. And I love all the torn bits, and how the text stretches along the bottom, echoing the two lines of stitching above.

Colorful Havana” by CherylIndesigns is a study in grunge, from the subject matter to the page itself. Wonderful primary colors are offset by heavy black and worn out stamps and brushwork, as well as by the two fun birds.

Pajamas All Day” by Anne PC is a wonderfully clean page, although there are some little touches that really add to it, such as NOT lining up the central bits and pieces. This keeps your eye traveling downwards, but it’s also very engaging. Great, subtle colors–but in red: A Bad Day! Poor little guy…

And finally, we have “1967” by Tedasgram. The photos are wonderful, and the bright pastels make it into a sugary, happy, memory when all was “Carefree”! Again, great brushwork and clustering.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and have your own glimpses of beauty today! ♥

4 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – November 29

  1. What a great way to start my day, to see my LO included amongst all these other fabulous LOs. Thx so much for choosing mine.

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