Hello everyone!  DivaMom96 here with today’s picks from around the web.  Hearts abound in the galleries today – you can tell that “Love is in the Air.”  So many beautiful layouts to choose from today.  I hope you like my picks.

First up is Rule of Thirds Challenge from Frani_54.  I adore the hearts and all of the fabulous papers she used.  Her color choices and placement really bring out the beauty of her photo.  The texture in the background paper is striking, as are the beautiful flower petals.  Gorgeous shadow work – the petals almost look real.  Lovely job with this one!


Next, we have PL2019-Week 5 by lizziet5.  This is one page from a series that the artist has put together and they are amazing!  Each week, she journals about her week and then chooses photos, elements and colors to express her feelings about the week.  The layouts are deceptively simple, which really appeals to my minimalist eye.  I love this idea and encourage each of you to check them out and try it yourself.  I know I am!


And now, for something completely different, we have HSA Mask Fevrier by orkan.  The texture in this layout is simply gorgeous.  I love the repeated faces and the baste stitching at the bottom.  There are so many layers here, and each one blends seamlessly into the next.  I especially love how she blended lace into the faces – it really adds so much depth and interest. Beautiful job!


Just in time for summer (in our dreams) we have Fabulous Day by Rochelle86.  I kept coming back to the layout because of the multiple photos and bold colors.  I LOVE her layered papers and little fish elements scattered around the page, and especially the way she used so many photos without it becoming overwhelming!  Brava!


Next, we have Amsterdam by Mielz.  This layout jumped out at me, probably because I love photos of buildings.  But look at how she set it!  I love her photo treatment and then how she blended it into the background.  The brushwork on this layout is subtle, but complex – from the script overlay at the bottom right and top left of the photo, to the dotted loops to the paint under her elements.  And let’s not forget the paper edging.  Just gorgeous!!


Love You by jennifer.mcmurtrey is one of three layouts by this artist that I wanted to showcase. It took me 15 minutes to decide which one I wanted to feature, so make sure to check out her other work.  This is a paper layout and I wish I could get my digital shadowing to look like the real deal.  I LOVE the raised cut-out letters and her cute string of hearts.  Using a B&W photo really makes it pop on the page, but then I’m a sucker for black-white-red color schemes.  I love the title repetition in different lettering and her little striped tape element at the right of the page.  It really balances everything.


And I know I’m going to get yelled at for this, but I have to showcase one more!  Again, this artist had multiple layouts in the gallery that I wanted to feature and I had to pick JUST ONE!  I finally settled on Click with Love by *gina*.  It took me a while to figure out why I fell in love with this, but I think it’s the monochrome gray/black color palette, the B&W photos and then her fabulous paint splotches!  Her choice of color photo is just brilliant – soooo stinking cute!!!!  This is going into my “to be lifted” folder.  Just fabulous!


That’s it for today!  Have fun perusing the galleries and choosing your own favorites.  Don’t forget to leaving some loving for all of these wonderful artists AND the designers who create all these amazing products for us to play with.  Toodles!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 12th

  1. Great choices, Deborrah – congrats to everyone. Thank you so much for showing one of my pages here – I feel very honored.

  2. Thank you so much Deborrah! It’s always such an honour to be featured here at Gallery Standouts – you’ve brightened my week and congrats to the other artists too!

    1. Jennifer and Liz – you are both so welcome! Such a pleasure to showcase beautiful layouts like yours. Keep on creating!!

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