Hello all you wonderful, crafty people! Today’s picks are a lot about nature, great photos, and lovely text. It was a lot of fun checking out all the galleries today, lots of wonderful talent represented all around. I hope you will enjoy today’s picks, come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

So Loved by pagefrocks

That amazing photo really deserved to be the focal point, and naturally it drew me right in. But, I have to say, it’s the journaling that really made me take a closer look. I really felt like I understood this little girl after reading this. I really like journaling that captures the personality of the subject like this. The elements are beautiful, and I like how the photo seems to merge right into those beautiful dark blues of the paper. Nice touches here with the stitched-down title, and the date quietly added to the notebook paper.

Luke by megs1016

I always enjoy a page encouraging kids to think about their world – great text on this one. The border stripey paper grounds this nicely. The alpha and title style really appealed to me, it felt like the division between childhood and growing up. Nice design with the squares of text and mesh bracketing the circular photo.

Outdoors by FILIPPOK

What a great scene! The photo masking blended quite naturally into the beautiful outdoorsy elements. I like how the scene is broken up with the word art and notebook framed flower close up. This is a terrific use of supplies.

Art brings imagination to life mini album page by Gerry Van Der Velden

I am a huge fan of doodling. And when I saw the video watching Gerry put together this mini album page with not only doodling, but scribbling too, I knew it deserved a standout mention! So often we get stuck by spacial, design or technique complexities, that we forget to simply enjoy the process. I highly recommend watching Gerry create this page on her YouTube video. For me, it reminded me why I like to get ink on my hands now and again. I really enjoyed this piece.

Adventures Await by mom2jackaia

I really like this one. The combination of the big, bold slightly-popped-off-the-page word art with the muted-tone photos worked so well! I love all the little accent pieces, particularly the light bulb, which made a nice spot to include the date. The hilly background paper was perfect to set the scene for the photos.

Never stop exploring (Let’s blend 4/19) by bred1269

Well, that got a wow out of me, so naturally it gets a standout nod. That’s a pretty remarkable effect. And, even better, if I read her comments correctly, Beth was new to this style. So wow and WOW, that makes it even more special. Love recognizing when someone is stepping outside their comfort zone to make a marvelous artsy page! This is a great scene she worked with, it really lent itself well to this technique. The little cluster of compass, wood arrow and other elements were just the right not-at-all-distracting elements to round out this page.

Those are the picks for this glorious April Saturday! If you enjoyed today’s standouts, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some well-earned praise. Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing — April 13th

  1. Yay! What a great welcome to the DigiScrap world. This is one of my first pages posted to a gallery…

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