Happy Scrapping Sunday people! I wish I could say I’ve been scrapping today, but sorry to say I have not. It’s been a organizing and purging kind of day at my house. I’m feeling very productive! I’m reading a Marie Kondo book and I’m figuring out what “give me joy” at home (and my husband is doing the same thing in the garage) and we’re purging … purging … purging. It feels good! Our house overall was pretty organized, but somehow we still accumulate so much “stuff!” It feels good to be looking at our stuff and donating the things that no longer give us joy but that may do so for others! That being said … I wish I was scrapping too! 🙂 Fortunately I was scheduled to do the GSO post today so I HAD to take a break. Yay for the GSO blog!

Tusk by Karen W | This page is so very striking to me. That simple sepia toned photo in the white frame is set perfectly on that stark, black paper. I love the sketched flowers leading the eye into the photo and the light white doodled line and the handwriting.I like the light spray of paint behind the photo with the little touch of blue in the scatter. What a lovely page!

remember by Sylvia | What great use of white space. I love the crop on the simple black and white photos along with the pops of bright yellow. I love the sentiment in her writing. It’s important to remember! And of course … I’m a sucker for awesome shadowing and she did a great job shadowing on this page. I love the way the edge is curling a little in the second photo.

Raindrops by Corrink | This sweet page just makes me smile. I love the pretty pinks and blues and yellows and seriously, could her photos possibly be any more adorable?!  I love the way the eye shifts left to right from photo to photo and element cluster to element cluster like the little ones playing in the rain. This page is just so pretty … and little kids are just so sweet! I wish I could get that excited when it rains out!

SSL – Clean Repeat by OKate | Oh Spring! I am so ready for winter to be over! Those flower photos are absolutely wonderful … the bright reds are so striking. I love the way she blended the flowers into the wonderful texture of the background paper and the nice touch of the stitching around the large piece of paper. I like her touches of white paint and brushwork behind the photos as well. And I have to mention how awesome her shadow work is on the photos. It’s so realistic. I love that! I also like the mix of typed and flow-y handwriting on the title work. What a great page!

Explore Coastal Waters by digigrandma | What amazing blending she did on this page. I love the photo effect and how moody the clouds feel on what looks like an awesome day at the beach. I love the “relax” word cloud blended in leading you to the little boy and the way she repeated it as you look out of the page. That title is great and I love the little dimensional element cluster. This really is an AMAZING page!

2019-4-13-minimalist-photo-stella-_600web by bjc | And last but certainly not least is this adorable page. It’s clean and simple and lovely. I love the different patterns of pink papers on top of the simple white background paper. She’s got great white space in the photo so she’s got plenty of room for the scattered beads. I love the large “S” and the simple cork (or is that glitter?) star. I also like how she popped the center of the photo off the page a bit. As I read her journaling I see she made it for a minimalist challenge and I have to say … she did an awesome job creating this page!

That’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks today and that you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the awesome layouts people share in digiland. If you’ve got a moment, I’m sure these page artists would love to get some love on their pages in the galleries. I’ve linked you up; just click on the titles of the pages. Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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