Good afternoon, evening or morning, wherever you are today. I hope everyone has been having a marvelous Monday and you are looking forward to being inspired by some beautiful pages today.

Selfie Queen by Golya is so much fun! I love the scatters and paint splattered background, while the framing, choice of elements and mix of word strips all add to the playful feeling of the page.

In the Moment by bcazzell is a marvel of blending and textures. I love how she’s taken a simple photo of a building with a leafless tree in front of it and turned it into a work of art. She’s emphasized the teal color of the window frames by repetition in the paint splatters then, using the light leaks, has added even more emphasis to the photo. Marvelous page!

Next up is Easter Basket by Mary-Lynne. I couldn’t resist this page with the sweet photos of the little girl checking out her Easter goodies. I love how the artist has picked up the peach color in the mix of beautiful painted elements and art strokes. Just lovely!

April by Sucali is another totally delightful spring page with that great horizontal design, a sweet bunny element, lovely floral cluster and great mix of colors and papers. Super cute!

Kervoyal by Timounette is an almost monochromatic page with a mystical feeling created by the foggy photo split across three frames. A touch of color and some stitching on the focal photo really draws your eye and finishes the page perfectly.

I’m back to the beginning again with my final pick, another selfie page. The Good Stuff by Esther A just screams fun with the doodled hopscotch background and casually, angled and taped crazy, fun photos. A few simple elements and great title work complete her fabulous page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. Please remember to leave a little love for the wonderful artists in their galleries (just click on the links above).

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