“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability” ~ Sam Keen

In the winter we can curl up in front of a fire with a good book. Spring allows us to spend rainy days binge watching our favorite movies. The fall finds us sipping a pumpkin spice something and strolling through the farmers market. But summer… that’s when we can take idleness to a whole new level. Sitting in the shade, lying in a hammock, floating on the water, sunning on a beach, or maybe just enjoying all the gorgeous layouts in the galleries right now. I was truly inspired by the creativity I found…

Boating by AmieN1

The way this artist added her photos to the journal cards might be my new favorite idea! The simple block arrangement is given a little boost with the fun shadowing and the layered elements. The wave border “anchors” the page perfectly! (See what I did there?)


Fun by Ga_L

Check out the cool paper weaving in my next standout page! If that’s a template, I need it… if that’s a technique, someone teach me!! Her brushwork is fab and her elements are adorable… just like that happy little boy!


This Girl by JaninAlberta

I love how Janin used song lyrics to journal her page! So many possibilities. The elements and patterns she used are so pretty, they add softness to the simple lined background paper. And I just love the little mason jar filled with hearts!


Conversation by carollee

The journaling on this next page is the best! Don’t you just love conversations with children?! The acrylic quotations, simple brushwork, and fun flair are perfectly chosen to keep the focus on the journaling. Terrific page!


Destin Pier by mocamom

The arrangement of the elements and smaller photos along the edge of the large photo is such a cool idea. I love the little word bits tucked in. And notice how the wood pattern paper mimics the pier so perfectly… brilliant!


While Away the Day by craftytam

The angle of her photo with the elements tucked along the edge of her papers is bold and beautiful. Notice the little yellow trim… so fun! I saw this page on Facebook and loved the story behind it. She found the photo in an ancestor’s scrapbook from the 1900’s! And what a fabulous photo… they sure knew how to do deep summer laziness back then!!


Those are my picks for today. Take a moment to spread some goodness in the galleries. Then carve out a little time for some respectable laziness!

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  1. Thank you so much for noticing my page. I just came back and saw this today. I can’t tell you how nice of a surprise it was!

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