Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all well, enjoying the start of the weekend! I, as usual, set out to make this post early, had even started preparing this afternoon…but as it always happens, it is now almost 01:30 of Saturday…. so I will try make this as brief as possible as lots to do!!!!

Not sure if you know, but we have our set of rules for the posts, and we all try to make it so we cover as many styles as possible, but sometimes in undeniable that there is a majority of clean & simple pages, other days we get more artsy or journaled ones…. well, today I have found fuller pages that are absolutely awesome!!!!!

Going to start with one of my most favorite ladies, Amien1, with a page called Dream,  which couldn’t be more suitable as a tittle!!!! LOVE the big photo, the kids are the cutest, the costumes are enhanced by light and the slight angle makes the whole page have movement and I keep smiling with so much gorgeousness here!!! Love both photos, the card and gorgeous elements placed very elegantly and the whole thing is full of happiness!!!!!!

Another super page, from another super talent, favorite lady to me for years now, is Eyeore with LilStefanie, a page so amazingly worked, so perfect in every pixel, I can’t stop looking at it!!! There is awesome clusters, marvelous choices in colors and some incredibly perfect shadows, every detail is a world of beauty, love the fact that is a photo of her as a little girl, beautiful as she is today too!!! Love the play the color red has all over the page, and the background so very well done that it seems and feels to me like a continuity of the water reflection…every flower, leaf, every butterfly all in perfect harmony bringing a wonderful feeling of summer in this cold night in London!!!!

Another gem from the gallery, Bus Ride From Hell by tammybean004.  I haven’t known Tammy for long, but in the short time since, she has impressed us and delighted us with her wonderful creations, and this is the perfect example of the blessing of scrap booking…we can take something ugly or stressing and turn it  into a beautiful page like this, and sometimes even working as a therapy during the creation…. this is just so full of goodness, I am not sure where to start…. the impact of the big tittle, the gorgeous and clever choice of background, giving perspective with a sensation to me of being there, the amount of pieces layered, all apparently thrown in the page, only we all know how much work it can be to get the effect of casual, and here her shadows are perfection and achieve more than I can express with words!!!!  An explosion of colors and the bus from hell is turned into the most beautiful page, enough to turn the memory into an amazing one too!!!!

Another awesome young lady who impresses and keeps getting better and better with each page, even when it seems she has achieved the most amazing pages, she continuously surprises us with gems, She is cinderella and the page is called Friends. I’m not a big fan of pink these days, having a daughter in her 20s means I have endured at least 16 years of pink and purple LOL ….well, maybe not “endured”, but it comes to a point one needs to give a rest….but when finding pages like this? pink becomes a delight, and it keeps warming my heart with the marvelous way in which it is used here. The combination with green/aqua, here, again , a big title that captures the eye to then take us to the center of the composition which is the sweetest heart with some amazing additions, , her shadows here give such a hand made feeling, plus the doodled friends dolls are just the perfect, pure awesome all over!!!!

Another fantastic piece of art with Smile by mimisgirl, seeing Erin scrapping makes me so very happy, and this page speaks to me, in textures and colors, in the most amazing depth created with the background and the layering, with shadows that makes you want to reach to touch, and an amazing text that speaks to me personally , but  I think most of us in one way or another know that feeling, and the page reflects it, love the big flower and the way the quote is put together with the warrior and the  beautiful cluster, all oozing elegance,  as usual with Erin, a more than  wonderful piece!!!

Next is another incredibly gorgeous piece of art, beaute rhenane by Emma.the work with light  and brushes is perfect, the photo (more kudos as it is her own photography) The blank space is perfect, it brings the eye to concentrate in the awesome image and the way she framed this, the detail of the stitching and just a few word arts complete this marvelous art piece!!!!!

And to close this post, I have another gorgeous, sweet, full of the most wonderful feeling and perfect technique, as usual, from ConnieMiles, called my two front teeth. I think I have mentioned my love for Connie’s pages before here… we don’t “know” each other, but I love her pages so much, it seems like I do know her and is such a pleasure to be able to share this with you!!! The photos….oh that smile, the gorgeous smile that reaches the eye, the smaller photo with perfection on the depth of field, and the always awesome way Connie places every bit of paper, every element in the right place and her results are always like this: perfection on memory keeping!!! It also brings me back to the times when my daughter was this age, loosing teeth and gaining more smile every day… this amazingly beautiful young girl is filling my heart with that kind of happy, and the page is something I would hang on my wall!!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed and are inspired as much as I am!!!! As you may know, you can reach the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the LO and author, please do make a minute or two to praise these awesome talented people!!!! Have a great weekend, Thanks for joining us!!!!



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  1. Oh My!! You just made my year!!!! Thank you Thank you for your lovely review of my page and your generous compliments. I was REALLY needing those kind words!!

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