Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing well! Lots of complications today, coming from the past week in which my health is again playing tricks, I swapped days with Rachael to be with you yesterday evening but I wasn’t well enough so I will try my best to make it in time for Jan to join you later on….there is also the fact that Word Press has changed us the format, so I’m here praying I will be able to do this right!!!! As usual, huge amount of talent around, here are some of the most gorgeous page I found!

Live, Laugh, Love by EllenT .... do I need to repeat again and again how mesmerized and amazed I am with every page of hers? I think she is one of the most amazing talents we have in this industry and this page just screams fun, happy, perfection!!! the superb photo editing, the color management, the wonderful work with the geometric theme and I better not go into the “wasted youth” as I’m trying to convince my daughter right now not waste hers!!! Impressive page in every possible way!!!!!!

Winter by Sokee, Barbara is another one of those jewel makers, every page is a delight, a show of elegance and most amazing storyteller, love the photo cropping here, the gorgeous blank space and the layering and so beautiful touch with the tilting. The title with the metal word art makes another superb addition, and there is journaling! …which I rather not get into, as this winter is really causing damages in my part of the world… I think all of us are feeling strong winters, but at least there are results like a wonderfully gorgeous page like this!!!!!

Rachel Jefferies 2019-02FebruaryNew0298_2-web by mcurtt is another amazing diamond in the galleries, another lady that has had me swoon and be through a range of emotions as many as she can manage different styles, a wonderful,format an a variety of themes in all, each and every page of hers, shines the woman she is and the artist that amazes so, so many of us! This is such an amazing Art Journal page, I have to admit I love the giraffe but as much I as tried, it took me ages to figure out how to use it in my page,,,and here comes Marilyn with this marvelous visual and as marvelous in feelings to learn…. absolutely awesome!!!!

Whole Box of Crayons by Marjoleine, (though for me she will forever be Miss Marjoliene or MssM!!!) Another super shinning, delightful art journal piece coming from someone I LOVE with all my heart, one of the most amazing ladies in the industry whom, very very recently joined us back after a quiet long hiatus. This page has everything to move your heart and delight your eyes, the gorgeous pieces of the kit (which will have me wanting to scrap the minute I say good’nite to you!!! the amazing Out Of Bounds effect, the gorgeous framing, the wonderful management of colors, the perfection in shadows and clustering and the broche d’or with a compact title in amazing mix of sizes & fonts…. a most marvelous piece!!!!!!

What I Love the Most by shunnstergirl : I am not sure where to start… the whole thing is so amazing, the photo in B&W full of light reinforced by those gorgeous smiles, such a beautiful family, the house given to them seems to have music, there is so much, so many little bits and pieces, so many layers of gorgeousness, my kind of page all the way and is so getting my full heart, I will need to try lift this at some point! Love every little bit of this house, it really gives the home feeling and the I am even more impressed by the excellent mixture of patterns for the background little pieces….. this is the kind of thing that can only go two ways: disaster or genius…and, of course, in this case is a fabulously standout genius!!!!! I’m in love with this page!!!!!! (she is fabulous in any page, though, check out her whole gallery!!!!)

Next is Relax by ellaspace. This young lady has caught my attention for quiet a long time, and I am sure you all have seen here feature here many times, the kind of people I never crossed path with, but recently I had the opportunity to observe her pages daily and it only grew in my heart!!! This one is particularly appealing to me, I have been trying to go back to my hand written diary which a couple of years ago I took up on a hybrid project, and the format Ella used here is so perfectly portraying the immense possibilities this format can have, even if you do it in pure digital!. The softness of the neutral tones with the pink & greens wonderfully added, the clusters so beautoful and the whole composition gifted with shadows that couldn’t be more amazing…. love that those realistic shadows give such a dimension on the sides with the tabs peaking out, the bow with those gorgeous flowers and just now I noticed the awesome background, rustic with a vintage feel…the whole thing is AWESOME!!!!!!

Last bit as usual, never ever least, I will give you an extra page… I am a fan of full photo pages, there is a joyful in each of these compositions when they really work, a joy that makes memory keeping increase its value…the being able to look through life with images, especially one as this in this page…. not surprising it comes from someone who is gifted in each and every type or style of scrapping. She is tammybean04 and she calls this page You Are My Home, which gives us already a full heart. Amazing photo quality, a half smile like boys this age give us, absolute delight on the top cluster with the tittle, the shadows that make it feel so real, such a marvelous layering and then the lower cluster with the B&W photo…..I thought hard, and I couldn’t just leave this page out…!!!! Superb!!!!!

This will be all for me today, hope you get inspired as much as I do, and apologies if the post doesn’t look as it should , I am editing and trying to make it fits but the changes in the Word Press format have change considerably! Also apologies if there are typos that escaped my checking! Remember that you can access these awesomely talented people’s galleries by clocking in the high-lit name of the LO and author, please stop for a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a community spirit helps us with our storytelling and art!!!!! Have a great rest of the week!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 9th –

  1. Awwwww thank you soooo much Cynthia for you sweet words! I love you too!! And you can always call me missesM! Xoxo

  2. You are the sweetest! Thank you so much for picking my layout Winter. Yes it was one of the coldest days I’ve remembered, and had to scrap this event in my life!

  3. Thank you so much, Cynthia, for choosing my page and for your sweet words!! You totally made my day when I needed a little extra love!! <3

    1. You are always so sweet and make my day, it’s like to read my mind and know when I need that push to keep going and do what I love!

  4. So happy to be able to make your day better Ella, your pages always inspire me and make my day…well deserved!!!!!

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