Happy New Year from the West coast! We’ve had some wonderful storms over the break, and I’m hoping for a few more good ones before winter comes to an end. But in the meantime, I’m totally enjoying being stuck at home, scrapping and getting to cruise the galleries for inspiration.  The first layout caught my eye a few days ago and I bookmarked it to finger-point, that’s how much I liked it! It’s by ashleywb, and I guess it’s called Dec 2018. You’ll notice that the same photo appears twice–once in black and white, and once in color. I just love the blues, and those super-interesting shapes in the stairs! It’s really kind of mind-bending! *laugh*

Isa Marks always has really terrific layouts–she has an exquisite sense of balance, and great skill with shadowing. You can see both in her “Hello Winter“:

This “Stop!” layout by Many Feathers really stopped ME in the gallery! I love how the black and white interplay here, and the circular litany of chores and tasks to do ring a bell of familiarity. A very creative way to express your one little word!

This next layout, “Breath of Fresh Air,” took mine away! I just love the muted tones and the so-very-lovely blending effects going on here by bcazzell:

Sheana’s “Fresh” is such a great example of balance too, where the blank half balances the busy half by providing contrast and a place to rest your eyes. Love the soft colors, as well!

And finally, I really loved “4 Jan” by Carrie (caliten), which caught my eye in part because that happens to be my Mom’s birthday, but also because the photo is just fabulous, and because it’s so dark, it’s such a great contrast with all the writing on the rest of the layout. Action and brains!

I hope you have a great rest of the month–and happy scrapping!

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the feature today….congrats to each one and the very beautiful layouts! Happy winter to you!

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