Hello!!! Good Morning to all of you in my side of the world and welcome to the different time zones! Hope you all are doing well and either welcoming the day or in happy dreams sleep, ready to start this Saturday. I was supposed to be with you last night, but as my body doesn’t quiet follow my mind these days (officially old now at 60!!!! LOL) I fell asleep early & woke up around 6 am, with you now after all 3 hours of trying to select the pages to share with you. I know you are surely tired of many of us telling you how difficult it is to choose just a few of all the talent around…well, I think I can say with total affirmation, this today has been the most difficult post EVER since I started collaborating with this awesome project that is the GSOs. I better go straight into these gorgeous pages!I am a fan of whole photo pages, and (once again) there was so so much beauty and talent with a challenge to use a photo as a background, I cried with every tab I had to close! here are a couple of them:

January 25th – Use photo as a background by Kegger : This page just got me in all ways possible. I don’t think I have ever seen the scrapper before, but within a sea of beautiful, amazing pages, this caught me from the thumbnail, not just the visual side which is so gorgeous, full of colors and almost coming alive with the photo, but also the wonderful composition. A tittle work with hexagons alpha in black, a few bits of paper strips, a little heart card, all perfectly chosen to not take away the photo impact, and journanling in white (which I also love in my own pages) but is HER own wedding cake!!!!! OH my, how much would I loved being one of the guests at their wedding!!!!!! There is more…reading the journaling, I realized she made it together with her mum, and it was a labor of love in the search as much as the making! My mum started making our wedding cake a month before our wedding, and it was a more traditional one, I can’t believe these two made it in just a few days!!!!!! LOVE love LOVE this page so so much!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about it is what scrapbooking is to me…wonderful feeling, thanks for sharing your awesome talent, Kegger! I will need time to go to your gallery with time, I’m so happy to discover you today!!!

19-02 Explore by pitiscrap : with a photo as a background again, in an almost opposite style to the  previous one, is this gorgeousness crated by one of my most favorites of all minimalist, blank space Queens of mine. Not only the photo is wonderful, the type of photography that makes the best pages (at least in my books) not posed, registering a special moment that can be an everyday one, but the highlighting she does for her child is just perfection, the whole feeling is here, the cold weather and maybe a grey day, still with so much light and beauty, and then the addition of one element, a couple of word strips and the fabulous stamped title…I would print this in a huge canvas and have it in my walls!!! Amazing beauty and soul here!!!!

Next we have Tokyo Tower by Farwen. Francesca is part of a very, very special group of people whom I have an out of this world love, I have gotten to know her in these past few years and in one after another of her pages I have loved her creativity and gift to work any style and make it into a standout,  and this one is not an easy page to make, even with the tutorial for the software, but she, as usual, gets the most perfect  results! The photo is amazing, that time of the day that is not quiet evening or morning, the reflection of the city (which we have in our travel list in second place with my daughter) the most amazing technique executed with marvelous results, and the elegant way to embellish with just a few touches, this is just making my heart sing!!!!! Super talent!

Going into the most beautiful, creative and full of emotion piece of art journaling, we have another one of my most favorite people, ArmyGrl with AllThisChatter-MOC11.  For years I have been amazed with her talent, taken that when I first “met” her she was out of this world and I would have never thought she could get even better, but she proved me wrong. With amazing elegance and full on soul, she builds a marvelous rendition to “what’s on the inside” of her…and I can’t stop staring at the fabulous way this is composed. The different areas defined by blocks of color with papers that give the hand made collage feel, setting the impact with the face and the beauty of, as usual with her, elegant embellishment with the camera element, the brush work and those strips… I don’t quiet have the word to the overall here…as every word of compliment wont quiet translate what I feel… because I feel it, my dear Lisa, all that chatter in my head too, and I’m so glad that part of that brings you to make it into the most marvelous pages!!!!!

Everything about this next page, Soco_900_JJD_Hello2019 by EllenT, another one of our industry most talented people (and a top favorite of mine!!!), the kind that will rock any style and make your heart joyful and fully inspired… The take on the template is fabulous -the title work and those star cutouts give such dimension- the choice of photo so very perfect, and the use of the kit with amazing clusters, word art, perfection with the placement of scatter (something I struggle with!) The use of a pattern background would have made something like this impossible to me…still Ellen gives a master class of coordination and beauty….  super awesome as each and everyone of her pages, I can almost hear the music!!!!!

Next comes Is Poco gonna look like his Dady? by psychozoe, another one of my recent discoveries, Suzie feeds my heart with amazing beauty, marvelous art and perfection storytelling… her memory keeping is just delightful and so inspiring, and here I am, melting with the cuteness of Poco and his Dad! Poco means “just a little” in Spanish, in Portuguese we spell it “pouco” and it means the same, just a little bit, which couldn’t be more fitting in this case. The fabulous composition with that amazing alpha (one of my most favorites in my whole 12 years of scrapping!) the little cool dogy element,  the perfection of the additions around the main part of the page with word strips & stars, some word art or word composed with another alpha, the layering of that cloud and the branches….the more I look at it, the more I discover & I fall in LOVE!!!!!!!! Pure.Awesome! (just like you, Suzie!!!)

This next page, Follow Your Heart by msbrad, has so so much of a special feeling to me… not only is this a beauty, a master class in blending and composing,  but also made by Michelle whom I “met” 10 years ago (this year!) and she has always inspired me (in more ways than just the scrapping). I had not come across a page of Michel for ages…so when I looked closer and saw it was hers, I got even happier! The gorgeous photo sequence blended with perfection is giving the page movement, the way the blending or masking giving so much light in the right places also makes the moments come alive, a beautiful cluster  of gorgeous flowers & branches, the soft background keeping with the feel of the whole page, beautiful alpha used for the title work….all gives warmth and that feel of family love, plus the left hand side completely covered by amazing clustering in that border…. More than awesome!!!!

Last one of today’s before I let you go on with your day, is a brilliant, amazing page by another one of my favorite people:  mrsashbaugh with Awesome Together. She is one of those talented people whom I have been following around for many years, yet we never got to talk one 2 one, so much her talent, that I don’t actually need to have a conversation to be able to know about her life and dreams… she is delightful in any style, in here appealing to my full page love, more so…I have so much trouble combining patterns, and here the page turns into a master class!!!!the colors in perfect synchronizing, the partitions giving dimension, the wonderful word at for subtittle, marvelous shadowing and big tittle in the bottom being part of the mini vertical composition, a beautifully sweet photo that radiates happiness and the gorgeous cards….there is more to be discovered every time I look at the page again, like the top right cluster, the stamp text in the bottom right, the beauty of that brush border… just absolute perfection!!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you are as inspired and full of beauty as I am with these marvelous artists, remember that you can get to their original gallery posts by clicking on the highlighted name of the page and author, please do spare a minute or two to give them some love & words of encouragement…we all know how much better our day can be with just a little word!!!! Have an amazing weekend!!!



4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 25th

  1. Cynthia, What a nice surprise to wake up to. Thanks so much for your kind words (you always know the perfect things to say). Congrats to all!

  2. Oh thank you so much Cynthia! Your kind words are so thoughtful and very much appreciated! Thank you for this sweet surprise!

  3. WoW! Thank you so much! This made my day, and it was the little one’s idea for the title to have glitter. ♥

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