Happy Saturday! It’s bitterly cold here where I live (at this moment my phone says it “feels like” -16 degrees F … burr!) and it’s only going to get colder in the next few days. It seems like a great weekend to settle in, check out the gorgeousness in the galleries, and scrap don’t you think?!

In Focus Cover by TiffanyScraps | What an absolutely FANTASTIC album cover! I love the different fonts, the composition with the lines leading in on both sides and that great sketched camera. What a great lead in to a year of memories. Another thing … I love that she scrapped her album cover at the start of the year. What a novel concept (at least to me). Album covers are the absolute last thing I create for my books – I create them just as I’m preparing to send a book off to print. Hmmm … maybe I’ll start my 2018 (AND 2019) covers now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This page completely inspires me!

18_12_24_Noel_-1_F (Music Addict) by Timounette | I love the simple black and white design of this page. The lines leading in to the photo (which I’d describe if I could think of the word for what those music lines are called .. the word is completely escaping me at the moment but I know there’s a word for it! lol!). I love how the title and music notes lead your eye to the photo and the cute volume button. I love the closeup crop on the photo too. What a great page!

MOC7 – day 24 – Happy by AnnePc | I seem to be drawn to clean light backgrounds this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ This page is lovely. I love the outlined simple title and the way she tucked her photo into the little pocket. With the grey and cream colors and the clean design of her page the photo really shines! Beautiful!

MOC7 Day 23: Attitude by latz | What a fun page. I love the strips of patterned paper lining the page and how Lisa accented her photo off to the side with the great brushwork and ribbons lying beneath it. The “Attitude is Everything” title really seems to fit the awesome photo and I really like the way she broke up the “tude” letters in the title. What an amazing page!

Happy Chappy by justagirl | OMG. This page is beautiful! It makes me smile … it really is such a happy page and what a sweet face! I love how she repeated her photo … blending it behind the paint colors and then the crop of the large blended photo and then that she used it in black and white as a regular photograph again on top. She has absolutely fantastic shadow work going on this page – the way the photo curls up from the page, the stars curling up from the page, her word strips popping up where they’re not attached to the page and the ribbons … WOW! A lot of effort went into tweaking and making the shadows absolutely realistic and her efforts show. I really appreciate great shadowing on a digital page. Did you notice how she had the element colors coordinate with the paint colors? Genius!

Choose Happy (SSL) by anke | What a pretty page! I love there title work … how she has the Choose in gray and the multi colored Happy. I also like how she chose a mix of thick and thin block fonts for the word “Choose”. I like the muted colors in her photo and paper and the bold yellow and blue buttons and ribbons. I really like the touch of the snowflake brushwork over the photo and the gold square “This Make Me Smile” framing in the background. This is such a pretty page!

This morning as I looked at all the beautiful pages in the galleries and then tried to describe what exactly I was most impressed with on a page it made me think about how very many decisions go into the smallest details on every single scrapbook page. I think that when people look at pages in scrapbooks, if someone is not a scrapbooker they may not notice all the little details and they may just see that a page is pretty and a photo is beautiful. That is totally ok of course. But, when you take the time to really look closely you see all the time and love and attention that goes into designing a page and documenting our memories. It reminds me how amazing this hobby of ours really is!

Happy scrapping everyone … and thanks for sharing your lovely art with all of us in the galleries!



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