Drizzling and foggy here today but I found lots of sunshine in the gallery so without further ado…..

Girls in Red by Marleen

Marleen has created a striking page with lovely painted images. It is rich in its simplicity and alive with color. Artistic and intriging. 



Sprout by Sucali

A charming spring layout that draws you in with the contrast between the over-sized painted flowers and the delicate image. Brilliant shadow work and a lovely composition, too. 


Hello Us by bessysue581

This artist has shown a masterful use of embellishments to create a happy family page. I love the buttons on the doodled flowers and how she hung the photo with string and tape. The crinkled paper and shadowing give the page a realistic and fresh look. 


Failure21 by KarliMarie

Such a strking page with a thoughtful message. I love how the artist has added a touch of color to her page with bokeh and paint. Her extraction is first-rate and she has added the perfect amount of embellishments to frame the page. Unique and powerful. 


Say Cheese by Biancka

The artist has built this page beautifully, layer by layer, with the photos taking center stage. I like the bold striped background and the colorful floral clusters. Priceless.


Just for Me by Pacina

I love the etheral quality of this page. The colors are soft, dreamy and oh-so-gorgous. I like how the cut-out butterflies and the other elements flow off the page and the artist’s shadowing is first-rate. Beautifully crafted.





4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 13th

  1. Thank you very much Deborah for choosing my layout! You made me so happy!
    Congrats to all others, I love to see your beautiful and inspiring pages!
    ~Susanne~ (sucali)

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