Hello and happy Wednesday! I love touring the galleries mid-week; some of the best gems of the hobby can be found in-between releases in the middle of the week. Today we have inspirational layouts, good use of tone, and some truly upbeat, feel good pages to share. Come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

I know I can do This by Ellaspace

There is something about a sepia photo that is like magic! It changes the whole tone of the layout to convert the photo to sepia. I love the angles, stacks and shaped edges on this page! I really studied it to try to take it all in. Great colors, great combination.

Buying Books by KimGeling

You really can’t call book buying a failure, can you? We are supporting the authors, the craft, the written word. It’s just paying respect to buy the book, isn’t it? Okay, I admit that I had to check out her “to read” stack, and add some of those to my own list! I love a good story, and a story about stories is pretty much the best idea ever. Great no-photo page. Love the concept here.

Low Tide by AnitaH

If you’ve ever experienced low tide, you understand the ebb and flow that this piece represents. I love the framing and the tone of this layout. I feel like I should step right into the scene and start pushing the boat out of the sand. That’s a fun technique in scrapbooking, drawing the viewer right into the scene. Anita did that well here, a definite standout!

rain by Alannabanana

This layout is by a super-talented scrapbook artist, whose work I have long admired. This page is a great example of her ability to combine whimsy with artistry. I love how she used both the edges and the wide texture of the background paper to draw us into this scene. The title work says it all, we don’t need any more of an explanation. I really enjoyed this one.

Life by Jiruska

I absolutely love that word art! This is a wonderful, inspiring, optimistic, encouraging sentiment. To me, scrapbooking should be uplifting, so I love finding pieces that strive this way. Wonderful florals surrounding the photo, and great shadow-work on this page. Very pretty!

Branson by digi371

I love a good real-life story, with no particular agenda. That’s part of the reason Project Life pages are so successful, it’s just the here and now of life. And that’s what I took from this layout: it’s a simple telling of a wonderful connection, one we can all relate to and appreciate. Great graphic look to this page, and I love the colors in the papers she picked.

And there we have it, the picks for March 20, 2019! I hope you enjoyed today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some much-deserved praise. Have a great rest of your week!

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing — March 20, 2019

  1. Thank you soooo much made my day Liz !!!! Congratulations to all the other wonderful pages too x

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