Hi everybody! Yes, we just jumped directly from winter to summer. So odd! But having the sun around has been very nice, for a change. =)

As a result, I think, I’m just popping with color-love, and boy were the galleries full of it! I love the fun hand-written details and lines in Cherrylej’s “Oh, Happy Day.” They really emphasize that wonderful message to her daughter, too–and as always, the side-by-side approach of luscious color with black and white makes its own kind of splash.

Cherrylej, Oh, Happy Day!

Ga_L’s terrific “Curious & Awesome Boy” is totally sweet with its funny pics–again, b&w, but this time positioned against more subdued colors. the background brushwork gives the photos a great base to jump off of, and the red/yellow rectangles are balanced by the roundness of the pics and the background.

Ga_L, Curious & Awesome Boy

And look at the glorious color in this remembrance page by mcurtt! I love how there’s a diagonal gradient of color, going from the white background through the gray of text and the darker gray of pattern, and then lighter color to that full-on orange and red of the poppies. Plus, the text is so lovely…

mcurtt, Remember

ninigodigi’s Kiku page is just so well-balanced! The yellows of the stamens is reflected in the triangles, and the reds & oranges in the Japanese flower paper. and then that messy thread just brings it all together–it really made me gasp when I first saw it. Pro tip: when separating a page in two, unless you’re playing with formal balance, always allow the bottom “half” to in fact be just a touch larger, so that the page appears anchored, just like she does here. ♥

ninigoesdigi, Kiku

I chose Ozegirl’s “Totally 100% Boy” because…. how can you resist that cute face and those bright reds and blues? I love the combo of the 3D details and the cute illustrations, too.

Ozegirl, Totally 100% Boy

And finally, I was so tickled by tanpopo’s page “Smoothie Time” with that cute little girl and all the bright dots of color everywhere. What a light, bubbly, happy page!

Tanpopo, Smoothie Time

I sure hope you have plenty of happy color in your life these days too! ♥

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  1. Oh! Thank you for your kind words and the spotlight!! You totally made my day! What do I say?! My month!! lol MERCI!

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