Hello!!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of the weekend!!! I was very unwell last weekend with high temperature for a few days, but luckily got better yesterday and today was an amazing day, but involved me getting out of bed and out of the house which means another couple of days in recovery, so I will try to be brief without letting you down!!! As usual, the galleries are full of super awesome creativity, so much talent! Here are a few of my most favorites:

From fruitysuet, is Bed-  She is one of my most favorites scrappers, finding her pages always is a pleasure, and today I feel like I should mention this was made for a Speed Scrap, which makes it even more impressive. I am jaw dropped here still looking at this page from which intensity, beauty, colors, happiness, warmth, and Suzanne’s amazing talent are flowing so much it is so difficult to take my eyes away from it!!!!  The editing of the tittle with the impressive photo and her talent to translate the warmth of that amazing feeling…. I am not sure I have words to praise this awesome page as  much as it deserves!!!! There is so much amazing work here, so much perfection….!!!!!!!! Absolute delight!!!

Another absolute show of perfection, beauty and creativity from Ona aka wombat146 called Bloom and Grow, the awesome way the layering is shadowed, the gorgeous combination of papers with elegance, more talent in those amazing clusters finished to perfection, with the added of the tittle in the lower circle that completes the page making it another superb creation that could be 1st class advert in any glossy magazine!!!!! Fabulous creation! (as she does always!!!)

Another awesome show of talent (and today she gave me soooo much work, as every page I found of hers is a marvelous one!!!) in this art wonder, What Screws Us Up, by AJM. I love the fact that even when the tittle may suggest a leaning to darker places (and the fact that all of us are screwed, LOL) the face seems peaceful and almost smiling….which gives the piece extra value from where I stand… I am not sure I completely agree with the concept offered in the journaling/ word strips, but that would involve getting into a full philosophical discussion which I am sure was not her intention!!! (and maybe admitting the words are right? LOL) The whole page is so amazingly beautiful and thought provoking, love the layering of gorgeous bits and pieces with the messy threads, perfect balance, awesome all together!

Next is An Original by lizziet5, gorgeous and extra special too as it comes from one of us here at the blog, and I rarely come across the girls’ pages! Love the take on the template, the cutouts so beautifully shadowed, the star of the page defiant to the camera giving the page so much character, the wonderful mix of patterns together with the word art making the tittle also a special star in the whole composition, there is a wonderful mix of material and textures, love the stitching & how the balance is perfected by the stamp on the top with the barcode and the addition of the layering another stamp and the little labels that  complete the page in the most beautiful manner!!! I can’t read the text right now, but the fact that is there tells me the beauty of the visual is completed even more so by the record of such a gorgeous furry star!!!

By Your Side, from stormchaser, a selection that had me going back and forth in her gallery as there are so many beautiful pages to choose from what she posted, but if you know me you know why this one is my most favorite…the mother and daughter memory keeping is the biggest thing in my life since I got stopped from doing much by my deteriorating health, and this page is such an amazing show of wonderful motherhood! This is a great full page, an already wonderful template is enhanced by the beauty of her choices, the photo placement is dynamic , the word art for the tittle (not sure if she made it or is ready made) is gorgeous and perfected by those (my English grammar maybe a bit abused here but any other word would be little!) perfect shadows. There is beauty all over the page, the clusters are so amazing, the string heart in the middle one paired with the rounded edges of the journal spot, also loving the different type of leaves branches layered here,the attention of the eye made complete by little details like the way the date is added, the feminine touches in colors together with the energetic photos and the journaling (so very true- kudos mum for the hard work and daughter by the awesome life choice!) make the page a real treasure!!!!

To leave you with a soft, wonderful feeling for the weekend, this beauty, Relax by Gemma, Perfection in translating the feeling with gorgeous pastels, fabulous layering with a central composition, here again, amazing clusters and great shadowing, love it eve more by her making a note of how difficult the relaxing in when having 5 kids …yes, Gemma, give a go, you still are very young by the look of your photo, those five blessings will always be better if mum has some self relaxing time in between!!!!! Great page!!!!!

This is all from me today. As always, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the layout and author, please do make a minute or two to praise these wonderful artists with a few words at least, we all know how it can make our day!!! Congratulations ladies, you are fantastic inspiration!!!! Have a marvelous weekend!!!!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 22nd-

  1. Oh wow! Such a lovely surprise, Cynthia! Thank you so much for the shout out and congratulations to all the other artists too!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet & kind words, I actually teared up they were so sweet. There are so many amazing and talented scrappers out there and I’m always humbled when one of mine is selected. Thank you again.

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