Hi everybody–a quick flit between seasons: spring in the daytime, winter at night. For some reason, I’m in an artsy mood, so this is what’s jumped out at me in the galleries today. I discovered Timounette’s “Find a Way,” and really appreciated the diagonals, and the triangles of the envelope in the photo playing off the triangle on the arrow. The italic typeface gives even more depth to the motion…

Then I happened on tinekereinders’s well-named “Modern Art” piece. Isn’t digital scrapbooking great? You really might think you’re looking at a painting!

Then I found this super-cute page by debby todd, “Spring.” Such great spring colors, indeed–and that jumping girl! I just love the shadowing on this, too–and the collage feeling of the background.

And speaking of collage: The background is just *great* on this “Sunshine” page by Annemiekkok. I just love all those little strips and bits of paper, coupled with the paint and the stitching. And of course when you have such a busy background, a black and white photo is sure to make everything pop!

CharlotteM’s page, “Smell The Sea,” has a very different background, but it’s equally eye-catching because of the amazing job she did blending the photo into the paper. It’s so beautifully done that it’s hard to tell where the photo ends, and the painted elements begin…

And in parting, I was just enchanted by Akizo’s “Be Mine“–a lovely dance of photo, elements, and paint. Great colors to continue luring in the Spring, too! ♥ Anyway, I hope I brought you some inspiration today–I just love seeing how digiscrapping can be stretched and enhanced.

Catch you later on the flip side! =)

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