Happy Saturday to you! I’m sitting here looking out my bay window waiting for yet another supposed Minnesota snowstorm to hit. Currently it’s raining outside so who knows what the weather is going to bring this afternoon. All I know is I’m sitting here all comfy, cozy in my house looking at beautiful art in the galleries. Life is good!

To the Moon and Back by Sylvia : Seriously?! How incredibly sweet is this page?! That photo is adorable and I love that the artist chose to “print” her photo in black in white and her great shadow work in popping it from the page. I love the watercolor clouds in the background and the doodled stars and colorful pops of color in the hearts and moon. What a sweet page. I love including journaling on a page, but this page certainly does not need it. Wonderful!

Be All In by ArmyGirl: Wow. What a super eye-catching page. I love the black and blue doodles paired with the super dimensional flowers and word stickers. I love the blues and pinks and reds and the watercolor painted stem/leaves on the simple white background paper. I almost never create photo-less pages, but looking at this page makes me want to give it a shot! What an amazing, inspirational, artsy page!

Goin Hiking by Psychozoe : I absolutely ADORE all the circles on this page. It’s like they’re all little girl scout badges or something. I love that she popped a couple of little circles with the wood bit and the cute animals and compass along with her choice of all the awesome different patterned papers in the other circles. The popped wood circle frame for the photo and element cluster is perfect. What a super fun page!

Cherished Moments by Akizo : OMG. I love the monochrome colors. Black and white photos with the black and white and grey papers and elements … everything just pops. That baby is absolutely adorable. I like the imperfect triangle shapes for the papers and the arrows leading your eyes to the photos and the chevron tapes fastening the photos to the page. I love her flowers and paper leaves element cluster and how she’s layered the photos with tags and patterned paper circles and the flowers and buttons. Very fun!

2016 Travels Album Vol 2 cover by esther_a : I love seeing the different styles of album covers that people create for their books and this travel album cover is a stunner. I love the artsy edges and the beautiful painted city scene with the little stitched on title showing the dates of the trip and her simple typed title going up and down the page.  I think that album covers can be a little tough to design. Do you want them busy? Do you want them simple? I am drawn to a “simple” album cover (simple probably isn’t the right word … maybe I should just say not overly embellished). This album cover fits the bill beautifully. I’m going on a trip in a week and will need to create an album cover soon so I know I’ll be pinning this beautiful page for a potential scrap lift!

This Summer Day (19-03_sahlinstudio_template-copy) by Marijke : I love the photo effects Marijke used on this photo. The sepia tones with the blue sky and the bold red or her dress and the way the photo blends out of the photo strips and onto the papers is stunning. I love the dimensional sand anchoring her title. And her “if you want to know how much I love you, count the waves” … LOVE that! The one simple flower embellishment with the string is the perfect amount of embellishment for this striking page.

That’s it for me today. I did it … I kept myself to only six pages. That is not a simple task. There is just so much to choose from in the galleries. I hope you enjoyed the pages I chose to highlight for you today. Until next time … happy scrapping!


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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Barbara! Creating my book covers is one of my favorite things.

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