Hello and happy Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, and also to all of the women in our community who might not have been chosen for motherhood, but who are a nurturing presence in someone’s life. We can all use a little mothering! Today’s picks are all about great placement of patterns, big stripes, and stories. Come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Brotherly Love by heatherh

I really like the patchwork look that this template provides. But, it takes more than a good template to create an outstanding layout, it takes a good eye. I like the colors, patterns and placement of the papers in the template. The photo conversion worked well to mute the page. The bears are a cute touch!

Purple iris by NAdams

I have a particular fondness for all things paint swatch. This is a cool variation on that, with the grunge and texture she included. This is very Georgia O’Keeffe-esque to me. Do you see the resemblance? I have no idea if this is what the artist was striving for, but it’s what I got from it, and it’s a marvelous relationship in my view!

Live Love Laugh by mom2jackaia

The bold use of the stripey background paper really grabbed my attention here. Love the title work, the cascade of florals down the page, and the cropping and placement of the photos. It looks like these photos may have been from a photo shoot, which can sometimes be difficult to scrap; but, I thought she did a nice job in making the photos more candid by the asymmetrical placement and the elements surrounding them.

Adventure by MamaCake

If you write a story, I will probably read it. Personally, I think there is nothing better in a scrapbook page than the story of the moment being documented. This story was a quite-detailed accounting of their adventure that day, and because she included it all, right down to the overheating truck and the chicken strips, when her family reads this page later they will all fondly remember the day, because of those details. That made me smile. The patterned paper made good use of the template. Love the photo of the kids on the road waiting for Dad to add transmission fluid! You take your shots where you can get them, and this one turned out to be a keeper, and a standout!

love you forever Milo by wendymk

It is a sad day when we say goodbye to a beloved pet. Wendy’s documentation of the life of her precious dog put a nice tone to what I know must have been a difficult day. I love the quality and number of photos, they really captured the personality of her buddy. Loved this page, Wendy, and so sorry for your loss.

Liam by nanascrapper

And here’s another good use of stripes, to hold the journaling! Love that whimsical cluster and the cute little beach stamp. The circular photo worked great against those big, bold stripes. He looks ready for some big beach adventure!

And that’s it for today’s standouts! I hope you enjoyed today’s picks. If so, please click on the linked title and leave some well-deserved praise for our talented friends. Have a great week!


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