TGIF!!!!! I’ve had a long week with illness at my house but I’m so glad everyone is on the mend and it’s Friday! The weather is a bit warmer here in Michigan and it seems like spring is on the way – for good this time. lol. I’m here with my picks for the day and I’ve been drawn to butterflies this week, which is one of my most favorite elements to use on my pages. So without further adieu let’s get to the beauties I’ve chosen.


Life is Sweet by yorkiemom | I love the bokeh heart striped background she chose and that super sweet photo is sweetened even more with the colors of the kit. All the hearts scattered about let you know this layout is all about the love. The word art quote is perfect and that beautiful cluster is so lovely anchoring the photo. The beautiful butterflies finish off this page.

Fly Butterfly by zanthia | For starters I was drawn to the perfect photo. You can see the care and interest the girl has in being lucky enough to hold a butterfly. The quote and added illustrations along with the doll element sitting on the bed of foliage and flowers adds a touch of fantasy to this page. The gradient background lends just enough softness to allow the floating butterfly elements to show off their beauty.

Field Trip by neverland scraps | Who doesn’t love a field trip? I know I do! This trip was to the zoo which is even better. I’m sure she has a ton of photos from that day but showcasing the giraffes on this page was the perfect choice with the colors of the kit. This page has a lot of cluster-y goodness and elements peeking out here and there. The bits of wire fence with the great patterns add texture. I love her title tucked into the cluster with the snake and look there’s those butterflies again, finishing off her page to create a visual triangle. Perfect!

Welcome Spring by anke55 | I truly was in awe when I saw this page. Who would have thought to turn a doodle-y butterfly into this?! I notice in her description there is a tutorial she followed so I’m going to check it out soon! I really like everything about this page from the softly textured background to the simply done quote. But that butterfly takes center stage and is so beautiful to look at. I love the little shadow lifts on the wings and the details within the wings. Just lovely.

Love Lavender by Dady | This page stood out to me because it’s all masking of the photos. I love the closeup shots and the colors just scream SPRING! The painted border frames all the photos nicely and the added word art in the center is the perfect place among the beauty of the photos. No elements. No clusters. Just the simple everyday beauty of nature including butterflies!

May 2019 Extraction Challenge by tina1978 | Okay so there’s no butterflies on this last page, but when I saw it, I knew it was going to be one of my picks today. I mean look at it!! First of all her extraction is so well done – bravo for that alone. But then she took the elements of the kit and created this page that I just want to walk right into. She has shadowed everything perfectly! This page looks realistic even though you know it could never be. This page is pure adorable!!

Well I’m off to work for the day but I’m glad I found all these beautiful pages to brighten my mood because it looks like rain outside my window. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 17th

  1. Thank you so much for picking my page 🙂 That butterfly was a lot of fun to create!! 🙂 Sure made my morning happy!

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