Hello and happy Saturday! Today’s picks are all about shapes, angles, cities and clever design ideas. And, one seriously cute dog. I hope you will all enjoy today’s picks too, come take a look. This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

May stuff by lady22

I always think it ‘s a fun touch when people use calendars as part of layout designs. And this page has two different types of calendars, even better! She created nice balance between the circular calendar and the wreath of leaves. Loved the angle of the dotted paper; it is just amazing what a difference an angle makes!

Prickly by scrapbookmama

That face! This one made me laugh out loud, so naturally it made it into my standouts for today. Love all the detailed paint work on this, she created such a pretty background. Such a fun combination between the dainty florals and the very amusing tone of the photo and word art. I enjoyed this one. Great title!

tiny dreamer by Silver26AK

What a cool rainbow effect this artist created with the cut file! I love the popped up repeat circle, and how it mimics the rainbow padding of the baby’s bouncy seat. I like the use of same-color elements surrounding the circles and in the outer border. This is a great reminder that digital cut files can be used in very creative ways on real-paper pages too. Love the doily and rainbow-effect title work to round this one off.

Extraction challenge by netcooks

A good extraction is always a treat. It’s hard to know which parts of this layout were part of the original photo, and as a result it created an intriguing look. Love the sketchy city in the background, and the wildflowers leading off the retaining wall in the foreground. Can you tell where the extraction ends? Sweet page.

I give you Chicago by mcurtt

And here’s a completely different city look! That is maybe my most favorite title work ever, isn’t that cool? I love the way the C in Chicago is looped behind that great shadowed heart, and then how the title borders and overlaps the photo. The colors on this page just pop out, love that gray/red/teal combination with the black accents. This should be on a travel brochure for the windy city!

Flanders Field by LisaMcG

In honor of Memorial Day, which is coming up on Monday in the United States, my final pick for today is this wonderful tribute to by Lisa showcasing the amazing tribute to the American soldiers from World War II. I absolutely love how Lisa incorporated the text of the famous poem into this beautiful page. Really love the watercolor poppies surrounding the photo, too. This is a very special tribute piece to our fallen soldiers, it gave me chills to look at this one. I always think it’s important to be reminded of the purpose of this American holiday, so we never forget. Thank you, Lisa, for reminding us so eloquently.

Those are my picks for today, and I hope you enjoyed each one as much as I did. If so, please click on the linked titles and leave the artists some much-deserved love! Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing — May 25th

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my layout! He was actually jumping on my couch! The entire page is faked!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my layout! That adorable dog photo is from the internet, but as soon as I saw it he/she just melted my heart! I just wanted to hug him!

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