Hello!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the festivities of NSD!!!! I have to admit today is the first time in a couple of weeks that I get around the galleries, a very long story with an eventful life which my body has a bit of trouble keeping up with… but after being amazed with so much talent, I’m excited and eager to start playing!! As usual, it is heartbreaking to have to close so many tabs (I think this time I broke my own record : 3 windows with probably 30 tabs each!!!) there is an amazing display of talent and so much inspiration, hope you enjoy and love these as much as I do!!

I will start with this gorgeous page, Messy Life by beatricemi. Bea is one of us, the team here at the blog, but for some reason I rarely see her pages, so I was delighted when clicking to look closer and seeing is her page! The whole thing is wonderful, starting by the impact of the bright red on the mostly black & white, the gorgeous take on the template with the action shots, perfect capture of light with the bubbles & the middle photo that is so alive! All is perfected by the journaling to make a record of such beautiful moment….absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Another superb art piece making a record of everyday life in this page called Happy, by cfile. Christa is one of those amazingly prolific sisters who gives me a lot of work trying to pick just one page. After going backs and forth in her gallery, this one won my heart. So many reasons… everything comes together into perfection: love the messy thread with the ink branch perfectly placed holding the center composition with that metal button, beautiful mixture of textures, the framing of the delightful photo and the most amazing shadows giving the whole page dimension, the little date tab on the top right with the stitches….everything is completed by the journaling…an ordinary moment captured in an extraordinary page!!!!

Another fabulous life capture by one of the most fabulous people we have in digi-land, this time a not so ordinary day, but an inspiring event in this, 04202019-scenic-ride-copy by AnneofAlamo. Everything here is just out of this world! Love the adaptation the template gives for the travelers notebook format on a 12 x12, LOVE love LOVE so much the genius play with the photo, the perspective and the split, the focus and info just there, inside it, then enhanced by the delicate placement of the elements cluster with the arrow, the awesome use of the word arts and the journaling little blocks, every area of the page embelished with delicate touches, plus love the bits of journaling  added with different colors an handwriting fonts that give the hand made feel… like the author herself, this is pure JOY!

Carrying on with the awesome creativity of another one of my favorite people is Perfect Avocado by EllenT. Every page of hers is a lesson on technique and beauty, and in this one all is made even more amazing by the humor… I don’t watch Game of Thrones but I think that, at least here in Great Britain, if you don’t know that is Daenerys something in the photo… you are in another planet!!! LOL Honestly, creativity that brings avocados together with GoT in such a wonderful manner HAS to be shared!!! I can also be here all day praising the perfection of choices, clustering and shadows, every sector of the page is shinning with Ellen’s usual talent, and the humor gives me joy to keep all weekend!!!

Next is Have Fun by ellaspace… whom, if you have ever seen her gallery, you will understand when I tell you she has given me so SO much work to single out a page for this post from all the awesomeness she posted in the day!!! I fell in love with this, I’m a big fan of full pages and this is a display of joy and beauty, the photos are delightful and the whole composition brings the warmth and fresh feel of that beach, gorgeous blocks enhanced by extraordinary touches everywhere in the page…. the strips with the charms spelling “love” are perfectly placed in affirmation of the movement in the photos, the marvelous clusters with equally marvelous shadows (all over the page) the camera card on a tilt that keeps following the movement and the awesome detail of the framing on the bottom photo….. spectacular all over!!!!

More magic with It All Begins Today by clindoeil. I am always amazed by the artists who can create pages that look and feel like an oil painting, the talent of using brushes and stamps to create such a delicate feeling is immense, and here is one of the most amazing samples of it! From the energy and happiness of the image to the gorgeous title and addition of word art, with all the blending and amazing technique… I am almost speechless. Pure Awesome!!!!!!

Last but not least, a bonus page as I could not get myself to close the tab without sharing it with you, Smile by AmieN1, which most certainly brings a huge smile to my face and heart…. Love her always positive energy, the beauty of hers is inside and out, and it reflects in each and every page, but even a bit more in this one!!! The marvelous blending, the light effects, the great title work with  the cutout, multi-color word art and gorgeous cluster…it makes the whole room light up here!!!!

This is all from me today. Hope you find inspiration in these awesome creatives as much as I do. Remember: you can get to the original galleries by click on the highlighted name of the LO and author, please, make a minute or two to drop them a line! Enjoy your DSD weekend!!! TFL!!!






13 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 3rd –

  1. Thank you so very much Cynthia!!! I am honored and excited that you chose my page. I had so much fun making this!! Hugs and thank you again for choosing my page. What a delight it was to be choen amongst all the lovely pages out there in digiland!!! Christa

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much Cynthia for including my page. It’s an honor for sure. I know how difficult it is to narrow the picks down to just 6.

    1. I am so so glad I found you!!!! I am a big fan of yours but hardly ever see your pages!!!! super well deserved!!! <3

  3. Thank you SO much Cynthia waking to this had make my crazy busy week worth every thought of tossing it in. You have made my day with your layout loving showered in me!

    1. super well deserved, Miss Ella, ypu are awesome!!!!! so glad I can make your day better!!!!! <3

  4. Who’d think a page about avocados would get a GSO! Thanks so much Cynthia for picking it. Happy Derby & NSD!

    1. LOL every page you make is a GSO!!!!! I just thought the creativity combined with humor had to be shared!!!!!!

  5. OH my Cynthia! You are just too much- thank you so kindly for your beautiful words! 😀 Much love!

  6. Oh mrs Peel : you are so lovely !
    as I read your comment, I feel the red of pleasure rising to my cheeks, and I purr like a cat under the puddle of his mistress

    lol !

    You made my day ! Thank you

    1. awwww thank you!!!! you just made my day now!!!!! so beautiful and heart warming to know I can make a difference !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. ooh thank you so much, this page means so much to me, and it is part of an encouragement and accountability thread over at the Lily Pad to help folks get healthy…I hope anyone who wants to just have a group of others trying encourage you, come on over and jump in to the fit pad! ♥ and Cynthia I love your words, and your heart! pure

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