Hello everyone!!! Hoping you are enjoying a quiet day or evening to start the weekend, I have been unwell (again!) these past few days but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to lift my spirits with a round in the galleries, so here I am! I have to say, the Christmas spirit is already popping up in the galleries so amazingly beautiful….but as we are still a reasonable time from our most favorite time of the year (I LOVE DYD!!!!) I decided to pay more attention to the amazing display of Autumn love, hope you love these as much as I do!!!!

I’m going to start with Double Rainbow by Cristina. I am so delighted when coming across her pages, she has been responsible for some of my most amazing inspirational pages, and this one is one of those that stand out even from the tiniest thumbnail…the photo is spectacular, and her talent on showcasing it with her always elegant style makes my heart sing. The choice of leaving the borders of it quiet clean, adding a marvelous pattern and the cluster in the bottom with the card tucked away, then the journaling in a clean space with the detail of the overlapping word strips, all make for perfect balance! Awesome capture, wonderful page!!!!

Next, another super inspiring, amazing talent, whom also I have not come across her pages lately (so happier even!!!) is Stefanie aka Eyeore with Very You. I always love following her pages, not only there is extreme quality in her wonderful visuals, but the memory keeping done in such perfection, is the way I would love to be able to document my own, and I have learned a lot with her pages!!! The awesome work here fills me with joy, perfection on layering, clusters with delicate elements so amazingly shadowed, the choice of painted watercolor background, every piece comes together in harmony with the beauty of her daughter and the beautiful smile that lights up the page even more!

This is Scraplift_supergirl by Janisn. I’m not sure if she has been previously featured here, but I know I have fallen in love with her pages (maybe the past year or so? ) and this one is most certainly a fabulous show of her presence in the galleries! Love the photo editing and blending, the decor using flowers from the hair and the ink title, all together with the neutral background with subtle textures, everything is gorgeous!!!!

Another lady whom, I am sure, isn’t a stranger to us here, but I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure to feature her myself: Kythe with Memory. I have always wanted to travel to Japan and Sarita (DD) is also fascinated by the culture, so this appeals to my heart, the page is so wonderfully composed, the perfection with which the division is made, the flowers cluster and the cards as a detail on the side, the fabulous shadowing all over the page and the (once again!) perfection on blending the figure with paints…. I should add that I was scrapping with this same kit earlier today and I find yellow a difficult color in general…I can appreciate even more the perfection here!!! absolutely amazing!!!!

Next someone I know needs not much introduction, as she is a fabulous inspiration to so many of us!!!! Marijke with When it Gets Crisp. Starting by the tittle given, this becomes a work of art… crisp would be the word I would use for the beautiful weather of the start of fall, and without a doubt she has captured it not just in the tittle wording, but in every detail of the page! Superb elegance as always, the photograph is so beautiful and her work in every pixel makes it have that hand made feel I adore….there is light, texture, the amazing way in which the word art and some traces of text add to the feeling …everything shines!!!!

Next, another artist I am sure is well known to us all but I’m almost sure I haven’t had the opportunity to showcase her pages myself., Daily Affirmations by shunnstergirl . If you know me, you know I LOVE with passion people who can completely fill the page with talent, and this one is bright and marvels in every possible way!!! Love that every time I look I find something else, the fabulous way the clusters are done holding the book, those cards, the title work, that wonderful yellow ribbon thrown across the page casually, the amount of detail involved in and around those clusters gives me that amazing feeling that made me fall in love with scrapping, putting together the element pack almost in it’s entirety but still getting a clean feel (not sure I do, but it is achieved in here completely!!!) Have I mention those shadows? well, unbelievable awesome!!! Then there is the photo….that smile comes all the way to my heart and warms up the very cold English night…also, I took the time to zoom in a lot to read what can be read of the journaling….love the way it is done, when I place it that way is generally because I’m not expecting people to want to read, but it is so full of what I wish every girl in the world could be feeling….. Pure.Perfection.All.Over.

Last but not (NOT!!) least… I should be stopping here, but then I found a page that I could not not show you….. Then & Now by Rubia Padilha aka Studio Basic Designs. It is true, I can’t resist her pages, (her kits!!!) It’s gonna be 10 years next month since I first saw her pages, and since then, I have been falling in love with each page, each kit, and here we are filling our hearts with all the beauty of her story, her memory keeping, the motherhood…. once again: LOVE a full on page with passion, and in here every clock, every paint or ink splash, every element, all come together in most perfect harmony. Love the empty film strip frame, the dynamic the page has with the circles and straight lines in perfect balance, those superb shadows, is like every piece of sequin shines and almost moves in this happy composition….and, of course….those photos…. the sweetest smile,another smile that comes all the way to warm us up in the cold early hours of the Saturday morning. 🙂

I’m leaving you with these super gorgeous inspirational pieces, hoping you love them as much as I do!!!! As usual, you can get to their original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the LO and author, please, do spare a minute or two to leave them some love!!! Have an amazing weekend and a wonderful week!!!!








9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 08th-

  1. Cy, you are the sweetest!!! Thank you for all the sweet words about me, my work, and most of all, my family! ♥

  2. Thanks so much Cynthia, I am always honoured to have a layout chosen by you, you are such an encouraging voice in the scrapbooking community.

  3. I am absolutely thrilled to see my page here.(I had to double check that I got the title right so a thanks to Holly in Japan for giving me the go ahead.) Thank you so much for choosing my page.

    1. our Holly !!!! miss her so much!!!!! your page is an abslute marvel, your gallery is gorgeous!!!! such a pleasire to be able to feature you!!!! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my layout, Cynthia!! And for your super sweet words about it and me! Definitely warmed my heart and put a smile on my face! ♥

    1. oh I am so amazed with your page (your whole gallery is amazing, I do know you, as I said, but I doubt I had the pleasure to feature you myself before!) I think this page is one of my most favorites of ALL time… if you don’t mind, I may try lift you…… I wanted to post something at the forums when I saw your post in Tapatalk, but not sure how it works, if I could mention the GSO or not? anyway, you shine!!!!!!

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