Hello my lovelies!!!!!! Happy DSD everyone!!! Hope you are all enjoying all the activities and the wonderful sales!!!I have missed you all so much!!!! Health issues kept me away from the computer, I am trying to get back to normal (if “normal” can be considered in any sentence to do with my life LOL) but I am slower than ever, have been ordered to stay as much as possible in natural light, away from screens, so now I am taking things easy… couldn’t stay away from here too long though…., so glad to be able to share with you some amazing talent from the galleries!!!! As usual, it isn’t easy to filter and keep just a few….but here they are!

Starting with a fabulous, absolutely stunning page by one of my most loved elegance Queens, Sokee, with Once Upon….. In all these past 10 years I have seen so many people evolving and creating spectacularly, and with Barbara, the growth is such, her talent goes from traditional elegant minimalists pages to stunning art creations like this…..now I NEED to find all the stuff she used…. or maybe just ask her for a full size image of this to print and add to my wall!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!!

Another super talent, very dear to me too, who has become a favorite of most of us in a very short time, is Cinderella with Younique. She can fill a page so wonderfully, and in this one she shines with so much sweetness and fresh feel, who can resist unicorns? the perfection of the template take, the gorgeous smooth feel together with the beautiful elements she has chosen, gorgeous, delicate shadows , perfection in every pixel!!!!!

Another super star, one of my most favorite people in the past 10 years, always inspiring, always finding a way to surprise us and delight, is EllenT with Season’s Change.  Love every page Ellen makes (it is so difficult to pick just one to post, with her being so prolific and every page being so awesome!!!) and here are present so many ways of perfection: the ability of filling clusters without looking messy, the gorgeous way the elements build to make the power of the photo even stronger, love the shadows especially with the cut out tittle that makes the page have so much depth….all over beauty and talent!!!!!

Next is  Miracle of Autumn by beaute, another super artist that doesn’t need an introduction! Impressive image, love the mixture of textures, the paint with more corporeal details, the balance of blank space with the intense presence of the season….spectacular!!!!!!

More super talents, another one of my favorite ladies, jen33199 with Fierce Dreams. This is such a delight, I love the way Jenn always combines the dreamy, artsy style with amazing photos, the contrast in here is perfection, love the stacked multi frame, the gorgeous clusters (perfectly shadowed too) and the face paint in the photo transports me to the times I used to do it for my daughter and the friends….all together makes my heart sing!!!!

Next is eve11ne with I Wish You…  I remember finding her pages soon after I started here at the blog, and being amazed by the talent and diversity…. love her memory keeping, the awesome way in which the pieces of the kit shine in the page, wonderful clusters and so amazing combination of the word arts, the tittle work (which I imagine is word art?) perfection in every bit of the page!!!

Last but not least, another amazing, extremely talented scrapper, mrsashbaugh with Feeling Good.  It certainly feels more than good…!!! I am passionate about full page photos, and this one is a treasure!!!! love horses with passion, and the image just inspires love and is full of beauty, the big tittle gives even more strength to the page, and the details of the sequins and elements beautifully placed, the perfect balance with the banners composition in the top corner…absolute beauty!!!!!

This is all from me today, hope to be healthy enough to be able to be back soon to share more beauty and talent! Hope you love these as much as I do, remember you can click on the highlighted name of the page and author to get to their original galleries, take a minute or two to leave them some love…we all know how amazing a day can be with a few words of kindness!!!!!

Enjoy DSD!!!!! Thanks for joining us!!!!!






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  1. Cynthia, I’ve missed you so much. It has been a busy week and i’m thrilled that you high lighted my page here. Thanks for making my day.

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