Hey everyone!  DivaMom96 here ready to show you some amazing layouts from the galleries.  It’s my busy time at work, so I have absolutely NO TIME for scrapping.  It was a wonderful break for me today to have the chance to look around and see what people are doing.  So, without further chatter …

I fell in love with the colors of One Big Smile by NicoleNowosad.  Such a bright, happy page to showcase the happy smile of her daughter.  Look at those fabulous stitched sequins!!  There is so much about this page I like – the paper combination, roughed up edges, stamped and cut-out flowers and leaves and paint splotches.  Just a gorgeous page … I may have to try and recreate this digitally when I have time.  BEAUTIFUL!!

Next, we have a lovely fall page  – Autumn Beauty by EllenT.  I adore the hexagons (of course), but what really caused me to select the page was how she used her flowers and elements to compliment the hexagons.  In this page, the hexagons are not the star of the page, but rather a feature of the page.  I love the main floral cluster in the middle and all of the brushwork behind the photo and clusters.  And check out the hexagon-shaped brads on the tape!  Everything works together to make a beautiful layout.  Great shadowing, too.

Next up is a fabulous arty page – Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge by RJMJ.  I love the blending of the photo and girl.  check out the wood background paper and how all of the artsy pieces blend seamlessly into the page.  The colors give a muted, introspective feel which is perfect for the message of the title.    Great artsy page!

Twirling by Adrianita caught my eye right away.  I love all the white space with the pink!  The photos of the little girl are just adorable, and I love how she literally tied them all together with the title.  So very creative!!  I was also drawn to the paint drips and brushwork along with the painted color palette behind the photos.  Gorgeous layout!

Just Be Yourself by armygirl was a must-be-included page!  First, the vertical design is fabulous – cards, rectangular framing, journaling and word art – all vertical!  I like how she chose different elements to pop up off the page – that along with her paint selections and artsy brushwork give a lot of texture and depth.  Very nicely done!

Lastly, we have Bloom by lm44west.  I must be in an artsy mood today because again I was drawn to the paint and brushwork behind the photo.  But the background paper works so beautifully with everything!!  That little butterfly on the photo, and the tickets underneath are just precious.  Add to that the floral stickers and fabulous stitching around the page and you have a true gallery standout!

That’s it for today!  Hope you enjoy my picks and go surf the galleries yourself for inspiration!

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